National Consultant to Provide Technical Assistance to VAAC to Coordinate the Q & A and Finalize the Guidance on Financial Liquidation of ARV from SHI

Abt Associates Inc.

USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV

To provide technical assistance to VAAC to coordinate the Q & A and to finalize
the guidance on financial liquidation of ARV from SHI, including copayment
and premium subsidy

Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development. Known for its rigorous approach to solving complex challenges, Abt Associates was ranked as one of the top 20 global research firms in 2012 and also named one of the top 40 international development innovators. The company has multiple offices in the U.S. and program offices in nearly 40 countries.

The 2-year USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV provides technical assistance to the Government of Vietnam (GVN) from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020. It builds on existing support to the Government of Vietnam (GVN) since 2014 through the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project. USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV Activity will provide technical assistance to GVN to complete the transition to a domestically-funded HIV program able to exceed the 9090-90 targets – 90% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) tested, 90% on anti-retroviral treatment (ART), and 90% virally suppressed – thereby achieving epidemic control. The project will provide specialized expertise to deliver targeted, innovative, evidence-based, and results-driven technical assistance designed to: 1) increase in-country capacity to self-finance and sustain HIV control efforts; and 2) strengthen government capacity on ARV supply planning, quantification, bidding, and procurement financing through the SHI fund.


Abt Associates’ USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV seeks to hire a consultant to be responsible for providing technical assistance to VAAC to coordinate the Q & A and to finalize the guidance on financial liquidation of ARV from SHI, including copayment and premium subsidy.

Local candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Key Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with relevant stakeholders for Question & Answer (Q&A) related to the provision and reimbursement of ARV from SHI fund in order to develop a Q & A handbook.
    • To work with HIV treatment facilities and VAAC (including from website link) and other partners including SHIFT and PSM to collect and compile questions and develop
    • answers/responses from relating to ARV management and SHI reimbursement, in the context of application of policies and guidance on SHI reimbursement for ARVs.
    • To provide technical support in consensus workshop with participation of HIV treatment facilities and experts in order to finalize the Q & A.
    • To finalize the Q & A handbook with consultation from VAAC, VSS team and USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV.
  • Update the VAAC guideline on receiving, dispensing and liquidation of ARV from SHI fund, including financial guidelines for functional copayment and premium subsidy.
    • Revise the former VAAC guideline based on new guidance from VSS, MOH like Circular No 27, Decision 6556, VSS’s official letter No 5103 and 5163; also based on on copayment subsidy model, input from provinces, consensus workshop, etc..
    • Provide detail guidance for OPCs on how to fill in the new templates for SHI reimbursement on ARV drug.

Skills/Knowledge Required:

  • Academic background: Hold a degree in public health, finance, economics or equivalent degrees;
  • Professional experience in HIV/AIDS program in Vietnam and its current context
  • Experience in coordination and management of financing mechanism from health insurance funds and state budget.
  • Familiar with development of financing policy for health sector and health insurance
  • Experienced in working with VAAC, PAC and relevant government agencies
  • Knowledge of development partners working on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam
  • Proficiency in Vietnamese and English

Note: This position is based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

To apply, please send your application documents to the following email: [email protected]

Deadline: open until filled

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Job Details
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Abt Associates
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2019-01-22