National Consultant Team to Provide Technical Support for Management and Coordination Capacity Building

The project “Support to the implementation of the Resolution 80/NQ-CP on directions of  sustainable poverty reduction (2011-2020) and the National Targeted Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction (2012-2016)", Ministry of Labour-Invalid and Social Affairs, funded by UNDP and Irish Aid  is to support the implementation of the GOVN Resolution 80/NQ-CP on directions of  sustainable poverty reduction 2011-2020 and the National Targeted Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction 2012-2016. Its contributions to the GOVN’s target of accelerated poverty reduction in the poorest ethnic minority, mountainous and coastal areas and primarily to the One Plan output 1.1.3 and outcome 1.1. will be realized through achievement of outputs targets (i) Poverty reduction policies under the responsibility of line ministries are streamlined, and poverty reduction is mainstreamed into line ministries’ plans and policies; (ii) National Targeted Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction (NTP-SPR) is designed and implemented effectively, contributing to rapid poverty reduction in poorest districts, communes and villages and of ethnic minority people through the application of innovative modalities and approaches; (iii) System for monitoring and analysis of multi-dimensional poverty and vulnerability and high level policy dialogues on poverty and vulnerability contribute to inclusive, equitable and pro-poor development outcomes. The project will be implemented in close cooperation and coordination with other UN and development partner agencies within the One UN Initiative and the Joint GOVN-Development Partners Partnership to “Support the implementation of Resolution 80 and NTP-SPR”.

The realistic and sustainable attainment of such lofty goals are dependent on a complex and coordinated new approach to poverty reduction that moves away from traditional one dimensional solutions to a more holistic and multi-dimensional focus that is supported through the development of policies and on the ground projects. PRPP needs to work to promote synchronized coordination and collaboration with relevant technical expertise at national, provincial, district and commune levels. It is debatable in its present format if the PRPP management and coordinating structure has the outreach capacity to provide effective and coordinated TA to an ever increasing number of pilot provinces (4 in 2013 and 8 in 2014).

Based on MOLISA’s requirement, the Project 'Support to the improvement of social assistance system (PRPP)’, funded by UNDP, PRPP Project needs to recruit 01 national consultant group (including 01 team leader and 02 team members) to provide technical support for management and coordination capacity building for PRPP Project. Detailed ToR is attached.

Deadline for applications: No later than 16:00, 17th October 2013.

To adderess:  Room 402, building 01 Dinh Le, Hoan Kiem,  Ha Noi or email: [email protected] 

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PRPP Project
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Thu, 2013-10-17