National Consultant(s) for Carrying out a Study on Markets of Asparagus in Gia Lai Province


National Consultant(s) for Carrying out a study on markets of Asparagus in Gia Lai province


About iDE

iDE is an international non-governmental organization with headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA. In Vietnam, iDE has been using market-based approaches extensively and promoting pro-poor innovations for over 20 years. We work closely with the government – capacitating local agents and agencies to develop private-public partnerships to stimulate the market as an alternative approach to subsidies.

The project

iDE has been implementing the Building Markets for Enhanced Resilience in Vietnam project in 4 districts/town (K’Bang, Kong Chro, Dak Po, and An Khe) of Gia Lai province since February 2018. The main purpose of the project is to help low income farmers increase their annual income by adopting low cost micro-irrigation technology (MIT) for production of annual crops.

iDE’s key partner in this project is the provincial Agriculture Extension Center of Gia Lai.

In the proposed initiative, iDE is focusing on developing markets for MITs by working with local small-scale businesses (mostly family-run business) to create demand and distribution networks for low-cost MIT materials as well as MIT installation services and fertigation (the practice of applying fertilizers while irrigating) services. These technologies and services will be available to all customers, including both poor and non-poor, in order to make the businesses profitable.

In addition to MIT promotion to customers, the project also facilitates market linkages for MIT users as well as introduces farmers to other opportunities to be identified during the project implementation through careful market assessment of the opportunities. One of the market opportunities recently identified by the project which is of interest of buyers, farmers as well as government bodies is asparagus, which is not popular among the project districts/town. To decide whether it is a good market opportunity for farmers, iDE is seeking qualified national consultant(s) to assess the market potential of asparagus.

Study objectives

The study will help answer the following questions:

  1. Whether asparagus could be grown well in the project areas, given the climatic and land characteristics of the region
  2. What is the market demand and growth potential for asparagus production in the project area
  3. How significant the smallholder income would increase by producing asparagus compared to other existing crops currently produced in the project areas; to what extent low-income farmers can participate in asparagus cultivation
  4. What are the opportunities for market linkages; and
  5. Potential to collaborate with government’s projects.

Specific scope and contents

  • Key technical information about asparagus production: planting, investment, harvesting,...
  • Market demand for asparagus? Who are the buyers – current and potential, volumes, quality, prices fluctuation? Method of buying? Key buyers? Please also link these questions to the project specific districts.
  • Current situation of asparagus producers in Gia Lai province – especially in project districts: total area, production, yield, quality, households participating in asparagus cultivation, profitability, key actors (with a sub-sector map)
  • Cost/benefits of asparagus production (sensitivity analysis); analysis of cost and benefits of asparagus production, compared to other key existing crops currently grown
  • Comparative and competitive advantage analyses of asparagus production both at farm level and industry level in the region
  • Current and potential barriers for farmers, especially the lower income ones in terms of capacity to bear risk, switching cost, payout period, initial investment, and reduced initial requirement for specific skills and knowledge, requirement for micro-irrigation technologies
  • Assessment of the service environment (inputs, on-farm, outputs) for asparagus production and sales, with a list of potential buyers of asparagus (+ contact details)
  • Suggestions/recommendations for a small-scale venture pilot – location, number of participants, size, timeframe...

Indicative schedule

Week of


Dec 2-6, 2019

Review of documents

Dec 9-13, 2019

Market actors visits/interviews

Dec 16-20, 2019

Debriefing meeting with iDE and AEC + validation workshop with technical and market actors / key informants

Dec 23-30, 2019

Analysis and report preparation, incorporating feedback/inputs from the workshop

Jan 15, 2020

Final report


A study report not longer than 20 pages in both English and Vietnamese.

Qualifications of Consultant(s)

  • Master degree in a field of economic or equivalent and market service development
  • Knowledge on value chain approach
  • Knowledge on agriculture/agro forestry in Central Highland of Vietnam as well as related context is an advantage
  • At least 3 years experiences on market linkages development
  • Having experience of working in mountainous regions of Vietnam
  • Experience in providing consultancy and technical advice
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Vietnamese.

To apply

Email [email protected] with the following documents no later than November 29, 2019:

  • Technical proposal explaining the proposed research methodology and tools and a detailed research schedule.
  • Financial proposal for undertaking the assignment (including consultant fee and travel, accommodations, and per diems). Costs of the workshop will be covered by the project.
  • An updated CV detailing knowledge, skills, and experience as required in Consultant’s qualifications.


Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2019-11-29