Organizations/Individuals to Conduct the Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Organizing the Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
amongst business leaders working in Vietnamese and German businesses

Client: TRAFFIC in Viet Nam

1. Summary of Tender

TRAFFIC is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from suitable organizations/individuals to conduct the Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshop on Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR).

Participants of the workshops will include high-profile leaders/managers of prestigious German and Vietnamese corporations in Viet Nam who wish to ensure their operations are not facilitating trafficking of wildlife products and endorse a culture of zero-tolerance of illegal wildlife consumption within their employees and clients.

The tender proposal should outline the appropriate and innovative approach and content through which the TOT Workshop will attract engagement of at least 30-40 members in high managerial positions of German and Vietnamese businesses operating in Vietnam.

The proposal should include a summary of the organization/individual's suitability and experience, a technical proposal of solutions as well as an itemized breakdown of anticipated costs.

The project must be implemented from 8th June 2018 – 25th June 2018, and the final event report  must be delivered by 30th June 2018.

If you have any questions related to this this Invitation to Tender (ITT), please contact Ms. Trinh Nguyen ([email protected], phone: 0243 7265026).

We welcome your Expression of Interest in this Tender, including the following five documents, in English, before COB 4th June 2018:

1. Expression of interest;
2. Technical proposal;
3. Financial proposal;
4. Company credentials, Business registration certificate, CVs of key implementers;
5. A brief of past relevant work.

Bidding documents must be submitted by post, hand carried or expressed mails in sealed envelopes to the following address:

Recipient: TRAFFIC in Vietnam
Address: No1, Lane 95 Giang Van Minh Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Tel: 0243 7265023

The subject line of the envelop should be your name and “Tender for TOT Workshop on CSR”.

2. Background

Demand for illegal wildlife products is driving the poaching and trafficking of globally iconic species. Vietnam has been identified as a consumer country for rhino horn, which is fueling the poaching crisis in Africa, particularly South Africa where rhino poaching has increased drastically over the last decade. TRAFFIC’s surveys have found that one of the primary groups consuming rhino horn is wealthy businessmen who use it to show off their social status or may be gifting it to their superiors at work.

In partnership with WWF-Vietnam, under the funding of WWF Germany, TRAFFIC in Vietnam is now looking for a partner to provide consultancy service to organize a Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for business leaders and managers from Vietnamese and German Businesses operating in Vietnam. This event serves as a platform to deliver behavior change messages on zero rhino horn consumption and create a zero-tolerance attitude towards the consumption of illegal wildlife products among those businesses.

3. Objectives

The overall goal of the TOT Workshop is to reduce the demand for rhino horn and illegally traded wildlife products in the private sector through behavior change and corporate social responsibility.

The specific objectives of the TOT Workshop are as follows:

  • To enhance an understanding among German and Vietnamese businesses about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and risk management towards illegal behavior including wildlife trade and consumption.
  • To provide in-depth knowledge to leaders and representatives of German and Vietnamese enterprises on wildlife crime and illegal consumption in Viet Nam, and the different practices of behavior change to embolden their adoption of a zero-tolerance commitment to endangered wildlife crime and consumption, including rhino horn;
  • To encourage German and Vietnamese businesses to ensure their operations are not facilitating trafficking of wildlife products; to deliver engaging activities; and to encourage participants/businesses to sign pledges that highlight the benefits of adopting environmental/wildlife CSR practices endorsing a culture of zero-tolerance of illegal wildlife consumption within their employees and clients.
  • To recruit 3-5 German and Vietnamese businesses who will make a public declaration against wildlife crime and consumption. These businesses will integrate wildlife protection into their CSR policy and commit to further spread the behavior change images and messages specifically through the display and dissemination of various communications materials and products at prominent places of their office, as well as their events during a certain period of time.

4. Expected Results

The following results are expected to be achieved during and after the TOT:

  • 30-40 leaders/managers of German and Vietnamese businesses are trained on CSR practices and corporate risk management, which helps to enhance business reputation and eliminates risks of being unintentionally involved in wildlife trade and attract more customers;
  • 100% of participants sign individual pledges against wildlife crime;
  • 100% of businesses sign corporate pledges endorsing a culture of zero-tolerance of illegal wildlife consumption within their employees and clients;
  • 80% of businesses consider incorporating wildlife protection into their CSR policy/code of conducts in the long-term vision;
  • 3-5 businesses have adopted zero-tolerance CSR policy/code of conducts against trade and consumption of protected wild species products;
  • Conduct an evaluation research to measure change of knowledge, attitude and practice amongst target audiences before and after the TOT.

5. Timeline





Submit tender proposal

4 Jun 2018


Finalize agency selection and contract arrangement

6-10 Jun 2018


Start of the contract

10 Jun 2018


Prepare and organize the TOT

10 – 25 Jun 2018


Report on results and lesson learnt

30 Jun 2018

6. Other requirements

  • 5-10 years of experience in organizing creative events, desirably having in-depth knowledge on corporate social responsibility;
  • Experience organizing events for business and high-end profiles in Viet Nam;
  • Close connections/working relations with German CEOs and business leaders in Viet Nam is an advantage;
  • Good insight into the business and culture values of German corporations, and able to use corporate language in idea design, agenda and message development, and in a creative and professional manner;
  • Have professional staff to carry out the event proactively;
  • Experience in working with INGOs;
  • High respects for quality, deadline, and effectiveness; and
  • Based in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
TRAFFIC in Vietnam
Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2018-06-04