Photographer & Video Maker

CARE is looking for:

  1. Professional photographers with experience in taking photo and exploring personal stories, preferably related to development field. The photographers will assist CARE to document the stories of 30 different individuals who have engaged in CARE’s work through its 30 years of operation through photography storytelling. These photographs will form part of CARE 30th anniversary’s event. The copy right for all these photographs remains with CARE.
  2. Professional video-makers with experience in videography, scriptwriting, and video-editing. The video-makers will produce a series of video clips on selected personal stories and a promo video for the whole series. The video-makers and photographers will work in a team.

Detailed TOR as attachment, if you are interested in this job, you can submit to either the whole package (A – photostory, and B-videos), or A only, or B only. Please specify which part of the TOR you are interested in when sending your application.

You should submit the following documents, clearly stating the title of the Terms of Reference to email: [email protected] before 9am on 17 June 19.

Applications include:

  • CV of all team leaders and members that plan to take part in this assignment;
  • Creative profile;
  • Sample work (as links or file attachment); and
  • At least 2 contacts for reference purposes
Job Details
Organisation Name: 
CARE International
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2019-06-17