Photojournalist (Local Consultant)

Photojournalist for human stories/milestone events of Water – Sanitation – Hygiene (WASH) programs/projects in Vietnam


Title:  Individual consultant for a documentary photojournalist (Local consultant)
Purpose:  To provide quality documentary photographs when required
Number of consultants:  02
Location:  Mekong Delta and other provinces in the south of Vietnam
Duration:  On projects/On demand
Start date:  March 2014
Reporting to:  Program Manager, Communication Manager


Lien  AID,  an  international NGO  from  Singapore,  approaches  to  build  a  firm  foundation  for  human development by making safe water and sanitation accessible and affordable to poor communities in Asia. Lien AID has established contributions in the WASH sector in Vietnam since 2007 which benefit thousands of households, schools and hospitals. 

In coming years, Lien AID aims to promote our activities in Vietnam wider on public communication channels  in parallel with our  programs/projects. With  the understanding  that photography plays  a crucial  role  in creating  visibility  for publications,  reports and  social media, Lien AID now  intends  to engage  two  (02)  individual photojournalist  (last  year  students  are  eligible  to  apply).  The  individual consultants are expected to help our office in Vietnam with their professional services to cover local events, meetings and development of human photo stories.

Scope of work
1.  Develop  ideas  and  agree  with  Lien  AID  on  the  documentary  photos  based  on  briefs  of assignments (milestone events, human interest photo stories).
2.  Provide high quality documentary photographic coverage in digital originals per a brief.
3.  Create a caption of each photo according to Lien AID’s requirement.
4.  Develop photographic stories according to assignments.
5.  Submit  one  set  of  all  original  visuals  and  one  set  of  the  best  selection  following  stories  in  a specified digital format. Submit with the pictures release forms signed by subjects.
6.  Edit photographs for publication.


Lien AID will provide consultants briefs of  assignments. After  the agreement on  the work plan and schedule, the consultants will travel to designated places across Mekong Delta and other provinces in the  south  of  Vietnam  to  take  high  quality  photos  according  to  the  briefs.  Consultants  will  seek community entry by in-depth  interviews with villagers and local government officials. Digital format, captioning and transmission will follow Lien AID’s requirement.

Expected deliverables

1.  Photographic documentation of milestone events: 01 DVD of original photos + 01 DVD of best photos with captions + 01 journal for each event.
2.  Human-interest photo stories 
a.  In-depth  interview  /  photography  of  selected  villagers  (4-6  families  per  site)  and  related persons (e.g. government officials)
b.  Layout/Design, and writing of photo story for use in collaterals and external communications in English and Vietnamese 

Expected background and skills

-  Knowledge/skilled  in professional documentary photography.  Final  year  students  are  eligible  to apply. Photojournalism background is preferable.
-  Effectively bilingual in English and Vietnamese (both written and spoken).
-  Ability to take high quality photos delivering stories.
-  Experience/Familiar working in rural areas.
-  Ability to work independently. 
-  Ability to communicate with villagers and local authorities for in-depth interviews.

-  Assignment’s  duration  will  be  provided  to  consultants  synchronizing  with  program/project’s milestones. Consultants will plan her/his work schedule and agree with Lien AID.
-  Payment schedule: Consultants will be paid based on the deliverables.

General conditions
1.  The assignments will include fees, allowances and transportation complying with Lien AID’s policy.
2.  Consultants  will  provide  her/his  own  photographic  equipment,  materials,  i.e  computer,  office supplies, camera, software, hardware, insurance as well as office space.
3.  Consultants will have access to Lien AID’s transport if required.
4.  All work products prepared by or developed by consultants in connection with her/his assignment shall be considered works-for-hire specially ordered or commissioned by Lien AID and all title  in intellectual property rights relating to such works-for-hire shall vest in and be owned by Lien AID.

1.  Consultants  are  not  entitled  to  payment  of  overtime.  All  remuneration  must  be  within  the agreement.
2.  No consultant may travel without a signed travel authorization prior to the commencement of the journey to the duty station.
3.  Payment will only be made for work satisfactorily completed and accepted by Lien AID.
4.  Consultant must  have  travel  insurance  during  her/his  assignment  by  own  cover.  In  the  case  of accidents during duty, consultants will be totally responsible for their owns. 

Application procedure

Interested candidates should submit a copy of their CV and a portfolio of their photographs and their day rate for the services to be provided to below address by 15/3/2014 via post or email.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha
Lien AID – Floor 8th
Office Building, No.85 Nguyen Du street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.
Tel:  04.3941.0539
Email:  [email protected]   

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Lien AID
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2014-03-15