Primate Projects Manager

FFI’s mission is to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, are based on sound science and take account of human needs. FFI’s strategy to achieve this mission is to work with in-country organisations at all levels to support them in identifying and implementing country led sustainable solutions.

FFI Vietnam is implementing conservation projects at Mu Cang Chai Species & Habitat Conservation Area of Yen Bai, Muong La Nature Reserve of Son La, Khau Ca Species & Habitat Conservation Area and Quan Ba district of Ha Giang, Trung Khanh Species & Habitat Conservation Area of Cao Bang, Kim Bang of Ha Nam, and Pu Mat National Park of Nghe An provinces.

Fauna & Flora International - Vietnam Programme

is recruiting a

Primate Projects Manager


Starting date: as soon as possible

Duration: One year with potential to extend subject to business need and funding availability

Job type: Full-time

Location: Hanoi based with regular travel to project sites

Salary range: Gross $1,050 -$1,250 per month

Job Title: Primate Projects Manager – focusing primarily on Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Yen Bai/Son La – FFI Vietnam Country Programme

Reporting to: Country Programme Manager, FFI Vietnam Country Programme (line manager).

In addition, the Project Manager will provide weekly updates to the Country Director (personnel manager) on all matters relating to FFI’s working environment, as well as project implementation and delivery.

Line Manager of: Project Assistant – Trung Khanh (Cao Bang), Project Assistant – Ha Giang Programme, Volunteers and students - TBC

Key Internal Relationships: Vietnam Country Director, Project Coordinator – Protected Areas (Vietnam), Technical staff (VN), Finance Team (Vietnam), Trung Khanh and Ha Giang Field Support Staff, Community Conservation Teams (Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Yen Bai/Son La)

Working with: The Project Manager will routinely liaise with local government agencies, local communities and community-based organisations, and partner NGOs, representing the values and interests of FFI at all times.

Purpose: Oversee biodiversity conservation project implementation, in five sites (four provinces), focussing on three critically endangered primate species (three projects). The manager will ensure sound operational and financial management and compliance with internal policies and procedures, contracts/grant agreements and relevant statutory and regulatory frameworks. Tasks include operational and technical input to the ‘Primate Programme’, primarily, as well as support to the ‘Protected Areas Programme’, and other areas of the Vietnam Country Programme, as required and in line with FFI’s mission, vision and strategic aims.

This position will be working in close collaboration with FFI and government staff and will provide mentoring and build capacity to support the on-going work of the projects. The position requires direct line management of project staff to ensure effective planning and implementation of projects, ensuring that deliverables are completed to standard and in a timely fashion.

The successful candidate will have a blend of skills, which include related project coordination and management, together with relevant experience of wildlife/primate conservation, as well as community development, community outreach and education (or similar).

Main Duties:

Under the supervision of the Vietnam Programme Manager, working in close day-to-day collaboration and coordination with the Vietnam Finance Manager, and liaising closely with the Vietnam Country Director, the Projects Manager will have the following


Programme Development

• In collaboration with the Country Director and Programme Manager, input to project concepts and funding proposals, in line with approved strategic plans and FFI’s project cycle

• Help senior managers to develop and nurture relationships with prospective and existing funders and donors, and hosting donor visits as required.

Operational Management

• Lead and manage FFI’s primate project activities and associated budgets in Cao Bang (Cao Vit gibbon project); Ha Giang (Tonkin snub-nosed monkey project); and Yen Bai/Son La (western black-crested gibbon project)

• Provide technical/advisory input (on primate conservation) across the FFI Vietnam Country Programme (all sites), and in all cases further our efforts to conserve biodiversity (especially, but not limited to, threatened primates)

• Provide strong and motivational line management and mentoring to field staff through objective setting, continuous performance management, annual appraisals, training provision and personal development planning to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of the programme

• Support project staff to ensure they understand and are aligned with the strategy of FFI Vietnam and FFI as a global institution

• Convene staff on a regular basis to advise the Country Director / Country Programme Manager on operational matters and outputs

• Support project team members to ensure work plans are in place, to meet project aims, objectives and timelines, and ensure that projects are implemented in line with work plans and within budget and ensure alignment between staff workplans, budgets and deliverables as per donor requirements, and coordination of project staff.

• Conduct annual performance appraisals for staff that the position line manages.

• In collaboration with the UK Monitoring and Evaluation Team, develop and manage processes for the effective monitoring and evaluation of projects, ensuring timely adaptation as required to meet project aims, objectives and timelines, and support the dissemination of lessons learnt

• Ensure compliance with institutional Health & Safety policies and procedures and Area Risk Assessments to manage and minimise risk within the FFI Vietnam Country Programme procedures, and ensure that operations are conducted to a high standard of health, safety, welfare, environmental good practice and cultural sensitivity.

Financial Management

• With the support of the Vietnam Finance Manager, ensure that for projects/funds managed by this position, there is:

  • Accurate financial management
  • Compliance with internal financial policies and procedures
  • Compliance with contracts and grant agreements, including co-financing and procurement requirements

• Under supervision on the Country Programme Manager, manage donor budgets for the aforementioned projects / sites, ensuring that spending is cost-effective, compliant with FFI and donor requirements and compliant with Vietnam law. Spending must align with stated project objectives and facilitate effective conservation actions, in line with the deliverables enshrined in the (all) project documents (donor grant agreements or contracts).

• Ensure that donor budgets utilize FFI cost norms, cover staff time appropriately in relation to activities planned and meet the requirements of FFI UK and FFI Vietnam administrative costs.

• Be aware of donor grant agreements to ensure financial management is in alignment with spending

• Review advance requests and acquittals for project staff as line manager, ensuring that these are appropriately costed, budgets are available and costs are attributable to the donors.

• Work with the Finance staff and Country Programme Manager to produce financial (donor) reports

• Working with other project managers and finance teams, ensure timely and accurate technical, operational and financial donor and institutional reporting

Technical Input

• Provide technical advice and input on biodiversity and conservation issues, including setting priorities, project design, development, implementation and monitoring

• Provide technical advice as required to partner organisations and individual community- based initiatives, including advice in the areas of institutional development, governance and financial management

• For projects managed by this position, oversee and develop project reports for donors and programme reports and briefings for FFI and Government partners, as required, and to a high standard

• Support the protected area law enforcement actions, including the coordination of community patrol teams.

• Oversee the collection of SMART data, as part of protected area / forest and species monitoring

• Support protected area management/managers and (where appropriate) the development and/or implementation of PA management and species action plans

• Lead the planning and coordination of research activities (related to forest/habitat, key species, local livelihoods etc.), including the design of primate surveys and monitoring

• Co-develop community development/livelihood activities and community education / outreach plans and materials, and lead on implementation

• Lead community engagement work at project sites, as required, including sites not listed in this ToR

• Coordinate and support implementation of our local/community conseravtion education work, including support to other FFI project sites

• Other duties as reasonably required as a technical advisor.

Partnership Development

• Proactively identify, develop and nurture relationships and partnerships with third parties, including local government agencies, local communities and community-based organisations, partner NGOs etc.

• Ensure meaningful consultation with appropriate stakeholders in the development and implementation of biodiversity work at the aforementioned sites

• Liaise with government counterparts (of projects), building effective working relationships, to ensure the delivery of FFI Vietnam’s objectives and to ensure that FFI Vietnam’s work is aligned with government policy

• Oversee the preparation of project reports and briefings as required to government partners.

• Build and maintain links with relevant government agencies reasonable for development of policy related to conservation in Vietnam

Programme Representation

• Where requested by the Country Programme Manager, represent FFI Vietnam at various national and international fora to showcase the programme’s work, network and develop opportunities.

• Represent the primate conservation elements of the FFI Vietnam Country Programme, developing its profile and promoting its work to third parties, including government agencies, communities, NGOs, for-profit entities, academic institutions, funders and donors, and media

• Represent FFI at key fora, including consultations, negotiations, meetings, workshops and briefings


• Bring to the attention of the Country Director any news worthy items arising within the country programme

• Provide regular information/updates and materials to support the creation of communication outputs (website, blogs, social media, etc.) to the Programme Manager and communication staff (VN and/or UK)

See annexes below.

Annex 1: Required Skills and Experience



  • English language (good)
  • Degree in natural resource management, forestry or relevant development field
  • Project management – Timely delivery of activities and outcomes, as per contract
  • Good time management Self-motivated, with the able to work alone and set realistic goals (workplanning)
  • Interpersonal skills / teamwork, including and motivation skills Personnel (staff) management Professional level usage of the Microsoft Office suite
  • Procurement and fund management Workshop planning / logistics and facilitation
  • Ability to work equally well with local community members, government/state actors and the international community
  • Strategic project design and visioning
  • Community consultation and outreach  
  • Ecology/conservation biology - Technical skills related to planning, law enforcement and management of natural resources
  • To lead/design enviro-conservation- related scientific research or studies


  • English language (fluent)
  • Master’s degree in conservation / relevant field
  • Management of projects worth at least $50,000 USD
  • GIS skills – e.g. ArcGIS or similar
  • Theory of change (or similar)
  • FPIC
  • Species conservation skills and/or primatology
  • Able to lead on the design of biodiversity and/or primate survey methodologies



  • Minimum 10 years working in the conservation/environment or related field
  • Minimum 5 years project coordination / management of conservation or related projects
  • Proven track record of community empowerment
  • Involved in awareness raising and/or environmental education (EE) activities
  • Involved in the design/implementation of species conservation activities
  • Proven track record of working successfully with government counterparts Lead or been part of teams undertaking research in the conservation, environment or development field
  • Involved in the development of successful funding proposals for enviro/conservation
  • Managed or coordinated inputs from external consultants


  • 10 years working in primate conservation
  • 5 years of project management experience in conservation, includging primates, or other flagship mammal species Involved in community development and/or poverty reduction activities, related to landuse (forestry, agriculture, etc.)
  • Lead on the design/implementation of conservation-orientated (results-based) sustainable livelihood interventions
  • Gender
  • Lead on the design/implementation in awareness raising and/or environmental education (EE)
  • Lead on projects / activities focused on species (ideally primates) conservation 
  • Conservation/primate research – as team leader / published author (e.g. in scientific journals)
  • Lead on the creation of successful proposals
  • Designed packages of work and associated ToRs for external inputs to projects

Interested candidates are invited to send a letter and CV to Ms. Le Hong Viet via email [email protected] no later than 28th June, 2017. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviewing


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