Production of Documentary film to Evaluate and Promote Community based Disaster Risk Management in Ca Mau

Terms of Reference
Production of Documentary film to Evaluate and Promote Community based Disaster Risk Management in Ca Mau, 2015 - 2017

1. Background

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) is a member of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. It is part of a worldwide network of 188 National Societies. The purpose of Swiss Red Cross’ activities is to protect the lives, health and dignity of human beings worldwide, the Swiss Red Cross is active in several humanitarian programs. For many years, the Swiss Red Cross in Vietnam has worked in collaboration with the Vietnamese Red Cross particularly in the sectors of shelter, rural development, disaster risk reduction, and encouraging programs to prevent and alleviate human suffering.

The Swiss Red Cross has a functional office in Hanoi in charge of coordination aspects with the Vietnamese Red Cross, the wider Red Cross Movement in Vietnam, and other DRR stakeholders.  Since November 2015, the Swiss Red Cross together with the Vietnamese Red Cross has been implementing a Community Based Risk Management project in vulnerable communes of the province of Ca Mau. The project has three key outcomes:

  1. Increasing understanding and capacities of 8 communes in Disaster Risk Reduction
    This outcome focuses on undertaking risk assessments in the target communes, improving disaster response planning, raising awareness of disaster risk and preparedness at the household level and building small scale mitigation measures to reduce risk within the 8 communes.
  2. Improving existing and establishing disaster response capacities at the commune level with clear links to district and provincial structures
    This outcome focuses upon increasing capacity of Emergency Response Teams (ERT) and improving local Early Warning Systems (EWS).  Working with Schools on disaster planning and increasing awareness of teachers and students about disaster risk and preparedness.
  3. Disaster response capacity of VNRC at provincial, district and commune levels is enhanced.
    This outcome focuses on supporting our key partner to strengthen Provincial Disaster Response Teams and to raise their profile in Disaster Risk Management at the provincial, district and commune level

As one component of the third outcome, a film will be produced to promote the outcomes of the project and the work of VNRC at provincial and national level. 

SRC is seeking the services of a creative, qualified and professional documentary film producer/crew who can carry out this assignment.

2. Objectives

The documentary film has 4 key objectives:

  • To tell success stories (or not) of how the project has helped to raise awareness of the community about disaster risks in their community and how they can actively prepare
  • To demonstrate how the project has (or has not) helped to strengthen the disaster response mechanisms in the commune focusing on ERTs and EWS
  • To serve as a monitoring tool for the project and to complement the existing monitoring and evaluation being undertaken on the project
  • To promote the work of VNRC in Disaster Risk Management at the Provincial and National levels

3.Target Audience and Key messaging

The key target audience is the public in Vietnam, however it may also be used to promote the work of VNRC and SRC to an international audience, including back donors.  The documentary should focus on stories that demonstrate how the project has:

  • Helped to raise household awareness of disaster risk and prepare households for disasters. 
  • Contributed to strengthening disaster response mechanisms in the communes by training and equipping Emergency Response Team (ERTs), supporting commune governments to improve disaster plans and supporting simulation exercise to practice plans.
  • Increased safety in schools by providing First Aid Training to students and teachers, supporting disaster planning in schools and delivering a series of modules aimed improving disaster awareness and preparedness amongst school children
  • Supported the building of small scale mitigation measures with co-funding from the commune governments
  • Supported training and equipping the Red Cross Provincial Disaster Response Team, which was mobilized in Ca Mau in response to the drought. 

Stories may also capture areas for improvement, if applicable.  There should also be a focus on sustainability and whether the activities are likely to have lasting results over time.

Key messages for the public include:

  • The impacts of Climate Change in Vietnam are causing more extreme events, such as drought and flooding, to occur more often
  • Disaster events have the potential to cause a lot of damage and loss for households (use drought as an example)
  • Households can reduce the likely impact of disaster by doing practical things to prepare
  • Households should be aware of commune disaster plans and evacuation points and practice evacuation to be proactive about increasing their own safety during disaster
  • Schools can play an active role in increasing community safety by teaching children at a young age to recognize the warning signs for different hazards, how to deliver First Aid, how and where to evacuate and how to help their families prepare at home. 
  • Households can contribute to the preparedness of their own communes by helping to maintain public infrastructure and preserving natural resources such as forests and fresh water.
  • Vietnam Red Cross is a grass roots humanitarian agency that not only provides humanitarian relief after disaster but also works closely with community to enhance their preparedness and resilience to disaster

4. Scope of Work

The consultant/s will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Producing a detailed production and post production schedule for filming process prior to commencing work
  • Working closely and in collaboration with project partners from the planning stage to ensure that the key messages and the look and feel expected for the product are well understood
  • Traveling to the field to film activities and interviewing key informants including project staff and beneficiaries
  • Providing draft scripts, including proposed interview questions for the beneficiaries and project staff for comments by SRC and VNRC
  • Producing a first cut of the documentary on DVD for comments by VNRC and SRC
  • Producing a draft documentary for SRC clearance, 5 working days from the receipt of initial feedback from SRC
  • Making the final product available in Vietnamese and English (using subtitles).  All subtitles must have accurate translation and timing
  • The final product must be in broadcast quality DVD and other appropriate formats that facilitate uploading on partner websites and YouTube
  • Facilitating national and provincial level broadcasting on the country’s National TV channels and Ca Mau’s channel.
  • Provision of all Master copies of interviews and other footage shot for the documentary on high quality DVD
  • Provide 20 copies of the product on a professionally labelled and packaged DVD with a label design approved by partners

5. Qualifications and experience required:

  • The consultant (individual(s), organisation, or a TV production company) should have extensive experience in producing public information video films or TV programs, relating to social matters
  • Experience working with international organisations and/or international donors as well as in working with national government institutions, NGOs and local authorities in Vietnam
  • Excellent technical capacities and equipment to ensure a smooth and high quality production process (including qualified production staff, own production studio or proof of access to a suitable studio for production)
  • Excellent planning and organisational skills
  • Demonstrated track record of meeting contract deadlines and outcomes
  • Awareness of international and national humanitarian policies and programs an advantage

6. Selection process

There will be two step selection process.  All applications will be assessed based on the following criteria and weighting:

  • Expertise and experience of consultant (s) – this will be assessed based on samples of previous work of a similar nature, production lists etc (20 points)
  • Proposed methodology, approach and implementation plan – creativity and innovation will be considered as well as the proposed timeframes for pre and post production phases (40 points)
  • CVs of the key consultants/crew to undertake the work (20 points)
  • Financial proposal – including consideration of production costs and necessary expenses for travel.  Consideration will also be given to efficiency and transparency (20 points).

Following this the 3 teams with the highest points will be invited to make a presentation of their concept to partners and a decision will be made based on the presentation given.

7. Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit the following information:

  • Proposed approach, methodology and timeframe with budget
  • Samples of previous work
  • CVs of relevant consultants who will undertake work

Interested applicants are invited to send their documents to Ms. Chu Thanh Hoa via [email protected] by 20th March 2017 at 05.00 PM.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Swiss Red Cross
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2017-03-20