Program Officer (Law-making sector)

The National Legislative Development Project in Vietnam (NLD) is seeking candidates for the position of Program Officer (Law-making sector) with details as below:

By supporting an integrated program of reform of the Vietnamese law-making process, the National Legislative Development Project (NLD) will assist the GOV in developing a strengthened, effective and transparent legal framework that will reflect the needs of Vietnamese citizens and support equitable economic growth. The project is funded by the Departmentof Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canada (DFATD).
The National Legislative Development Project in Vietnam (NLD) was designed to support capacity building with respect to four core components of the law-making process:  (1) planning; (2) policy analysis; (3) legislative drafting; and (4) the coherence and systematization of laws.   In its initial phase, the project will support the consolidation of the 2004 and 2008 Law on Laws and an assessment of Vietnam’s current law-making process.

The project is being implemented by a Canadian Executing Agency (CEA) composed of the Canadian Bar Association, the Ministry of the Attorney General for Ontario  and Stikeman Elliot LLP in cooperation with Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice and other key government agencies engaged in legislative development and in particular, the development on legisation affecting economic development.  Other project partners include the Law Committee of the National Assembly, the Office of Government and selected line ministries.

The Project Officers (law-making sector) will support the CEA’s Project Field Manager (PFM) on the in-country management and design of project activities.

Under the direction of the Project Field Manager (PFM), the incumbent is responsible for supporting the implementation of the NLD Programme delivery strategy, the development of project activity design, planning and proposals with partners and Canadian Technical Assistance specialists, work plan plans, schedules, budgets, reports, in keeping with donor and Government of Vietnam and project partners requirements. Liaise with all project partners, local technical assistant team (TAT), Programme Management Unit (PMU) and Project Steering Committee (PSC) coordination and support.

- Project activity proposals, delivery and monitoring;
- Annual Workplan and the regular updates;
- WBS Progress report and monitoring;
- Project reports;
- Technical Assistance Team PMU and PSC liaison and coordination

Management/Administrative Responsibilities
- Support NLD’s overall programme of assistance to MoJ and partners of the project. This will include providing oversight and coordination.
- Undertake day to day support to Project Management including administration, financial approval, technical and substantive project results;
- Develop work plans, terms of reference (TOR);
- Participate in preparing monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports including financial report;
- Monitor project WBS progress against annual and quarterly work plans and budgets;
- Identify risks and challenges to the establishment and ongoing operations of the NLD, working with the MOJ as main partners and with line Ministries , Agencies  and Provinces also partners of the project; and
- Provides advice to the NLD PFM on programme development and mitigation strategies.
Technical/Professional Responsibilities
- Promote full local ownership of the MOJ initiatives undertaken through the NLD by working in constant collaboration with the MoJ and other Government partners;
- Ensure organizational and institutional development programmes are in place and supported for key MoJ functional and administrative units;
- Assist in implementing structures and systems for coordination between MOJ, its Agencies and Departments and NLD Government partners;
- Assist in providing technical support to the strategic planning processes for MOJ, its Agencies and Departments and for NLD Government partners;
- Provide advice on engaging project partners and strategies for increasing collaboration and effectiveness between ministries link to legislative drafting and law-making process;
- Identify opportunities to enhance team-work within various reform initiatives;
- Prepare qualitative substantive progress reports as required;
- Plan activities, identify procedTechnical/Professional Responsibilitiesures for project evaluation, data collection and project implementation;
- Assist in maintaining close coordination with project implementation agency (CEA), ensure synergies, avoid overlaps in project implementation, collaborate with other donors working in the same area and provide information relevant to the project;
- Assist in developing strategies and in building national consensus on justice sector priorities reform needs to support systemic legislative development, approaches and stakeholders engagements leading to better economic legislation being drafted in Vietnam;
- Assist in developing work plans, support preparation and submission of project reports and monitor implementation of the various initiatives in the justice sector link to the AWP and NLD objectives;
- Develop and support NLD partners project activities design and proposals with cost estimation;
- Monitor project activity delivery and liquidation of budget
- Plans, reflect and support the Project Field Office (PFO) programmes, objectives and mandates and are developed within the agreed time frame;
- All approved policies are implemented within the agreed time frame and in accordance with established guidelines;
- Effective collaboration is maintained with partners and stakeholders;
- Integrity and confidentiality exercised in the execution of duties.

Required competencies
- Excellent knowledge of project planning and implementation;
- Excellent abilities in dealing with legal norms and rules;
- Excellent knowledge of negotiation and public relations skills;
- Excellent presentation, oral and written communication skills;
- Excellent interpersonal, people management and customer skills;
- Experience with Donor partners and State organization;
- Excellent planning, organizing and problem solving skills;
- Excellent team building skills;
- Knowledge of the Ministry of Justice and key partners programmes, policies and procedures related to legislative drafting and legislative development would be an asset;
- Knowledge of the machinery of Government;
- Proficient in the use of the relevant computer programmes/software.


NLD is seeking both senior and junior project officers to complete its team.
- Bachelor or Master Level Degree in Law with at least 5 years of working experiences with development projects or law firms.
- Client approach experience in the field of law for private or public sector.
- Project Management and participation experience preferably related to legal and judicial reform strategies and approaches, would be an asset;
- Experience in public administration reform or sector management, knowledge of result-based management techniques, approaches and reporting would be an asset;
- Knowledge of Common law and/or Civil justice systems, institutions, Government machinery, administration and decision making processes would be an asset
- If you are interested in the position, please send your CV together with application letter to: [email protected].

Deadline: 29 April 2014.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
National Legislative Development Project in Vietnam (NLD)
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2014-04-29