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CBM is an international development organization whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest persons with disabilities and those at risk of disabilities. CBM promotes the inclusion of Persons with Disability.CBM commenced its work in Viet Nam in 1982 and after almost three decades of development work through partnership with both government and non-government sectors, CBM continues to work towards inclusion of persons with disabilities in all community activities. CBM in Vietnam is currently active in: disability inclusive development, prevention of blindness, community based rehabilitation, mental health, DPO capacity building and inclusive education.

The key function of the CBM Country Coordination Office is to assist in the development of the capacities of project partners in planning, monitoring and quality management of projects, as well development of collaborative relationships with all interested stakeholders.  The desired result is relevant, efficient, effective and sustainable programmes with a view towards promoting a disability inclusive approach in all aspects of the work of CBM and partners in the country.


To contribute to the overall objective of CBM by providing management support to CBM partners in project implementation. S/he will work with the Country Director and other members of the team in ensuring effective relationships with all partners and development of programmes.


Needed Knowledge and Skills

  • Solid understanding of development and issues related to management of development projects in the Vietnam context
  • Good knowledge of government programmes in relation to international non-government organizations
  • Good understanding of financial procedures in project management
  • High level of work organisation and planning skills
  • Skill in analysing verbal and written information
  • Good command of written and spoken English
  • Good computer skills and ability to adapt to various software applications

Personal Qualities

  • Can handle assigned tasks independently with minimum supervision
  • Flexible, resourceful, and proactive
  • Capable of working under time pressure and can manage stress
  • Confident in dealing with people of diverse cultural, professional and religious backgrounds and able to work harmoniously as member of the team
  • Has an active interest in social development, especially the promotion of an inclusive approach for persons with disabilities
  • Continued learning attitude


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree from a reputable university, preferably with additional training and/or advanced degree in development, health and/project management
  • At least 5 years facilitation and management experience in an international NGO and/or government national programme context

Learning and Education opportunities

  • Short courses in all aspects of CBM’s technical mandates
  • On-the–job training and coaching by national and international advisors


Project Management

  • Develop plan, support and implement projects under his/her care including monitoring and evaluation of partners and projects in consultation with the Country Director and/or advisors.
  • Conduct project visits/evaluation and coordinate with the Country Director, advisers and CBM staff from other offices where appropriate
  • Work with Finance officer in evaluating liquidation reports and financial statements for projects under his/her care
  • Support the programme team  in assessing budget applications, and other budget administration matters such as savings utilisation and funds carry over
  • Carry out feasibility check on the statistics data and submit any clarification requests to projects. Accompany and assist visiting international delegates where necessary
  • Ensure projects comply with CBM regulations and guidelines for budget applications, fund allocations, submission of reports/information in a timely manner
  • Screen and evaluate new project proposals and submit the potential ones to the Country Director for his/her consideration.
  • Alert the Country Director of potential problems or development opportunities.
  • Perform any other related tasks delegated by the Country Director necessary for overall effective programme operation.

Capacity Building

  • Enable and/or monitor partners/projects implement PCM methodology for their project implementation.
  • Provide guidance to partners/projects in meeting reporting requirements and other project administration issues
  • Guide partners to implement other cross-cutting issues of CBM

Apply via email to: [email protected]

Application should include: cover letter and CV

Applications must be sent before 8 am Monday 5 November 2018.

Persons with disability are encouraged to apply.

Position Title

Programme Officer

Reporting to:

Country Director

Based in Hanoi with travel to provinces.

Job Details
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Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2018-11-05