Project Manager

The Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization legally registered in 2009. CSDS is addressing development issues in Vietnam with particular focuses on climate change for environment protection, women empowerment through sustainable livelihood support, children support through social inclusion, youth development through international exchange and non-formal education. CSDS implement activities at grassroots level to touch local vulnerable communities.

The New Horizons is an education support project that aims to improve English language teaching and learning effectiveness, as well as vocational training for youth in rural part of Hanoi. The project is set for 2 years initially but aims to be a sustainable model in the long run.

Current, CSDS is looking for a qualified and highly motivated candidate for the position of Project Manager.


1. Take lead in the organization of the activities in the Community Training Center
- Propose a detailed plan for activities in the center for Project Director’s approval.
- Support the Admin and Finance person and Project Coordinator in the selection and renovation of the Community Training Center.
- Provide guidance to the Admin and Finance Officer in the procurement of equipments and facilities for the center.
- Get inputs from the Project Director and others (if needed) to finalize the regulations for students, library users, and equipment users.
- Prepare the final draft for the international volunteers’ handbook.
- Be responsible for the selection and purchasing of curriculums for the students.
- Arrange timetable for the community classes and manage them together with the support of other project staff.
- Make sure that the vocational training and information desk run well.
- Connect with potential employers to seek jobs for the youth and ensure efficient monitoring and evaluation of the vocational learners.
- Be responsible for the organization of monthly/quarterly events and other activities for the local teachers, local students and international volunteers including the monthly meeting, quarterly meetings, refresher trainings and any cultural exchange events with active support of other staff and local volunteers.
- Carry out other tasks as required.

2. Support in the arrangement of the activities in the schools
- Provide guidance and support when needed so that school classes are smoothly implemented.
- Support the local schools so that they can work smoothly with the volunteers.
- Work with Department of Education and Training and local schools in terms of strategy for project activities.
- Draft letters, correspondences to the local partners when necessary.
- Take part in the selection of scholarships for the students and candidates for the overseas visit.
- Carry out other tasks as required.

3. Monitoring and Networking
- Develop and disseminating project work plans to concerned team members and stakeholders.
- Provide overall guidance in the implementation of activities under the work plan.
- Day to day monitoring of activities under the work plan.
- Meet with local partners to solve any problem arisen during implementation process
- Coaching and supervision of project staff.
- Support in the paper clearance and obtain approvals from local and central authorities for the project.
- Report to the Project Director on the community classes and school classes on a monthly basis.
- Prepare the final draft of the semi-annual report, annual report and project end report and submit them to the Project Director on a timely manner.
- Develop and maintain good relationship with local partners and stakeholders.
- Be responsible for the donor visits and information update.
- Provide translation and interpretation at the meetings if needed.
- Carry out other tasks as required.

4. Other tasks
- Propose comments and inputs for the overall strategy of the project activities.
- Foresee challenges and obstacles that the project may face and inform the Project Director.
- Be responsible for the development and maintenance of a project page on CSDS website.
- Design and print project leaflets and flyers (if any) with the support of other project staff and international volunteers.
- Support the Project Coordinator in the arrangement with the local authorities to inform local people of the project activities (local newspapers, public speakers, etc).
- Take minutes at the meetings with international participants.
- Carry out other tasks as required.

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications and abilities:
- University’s degree, preferably in foreign languages;
- Knowledge about education and project management;
- Excellent written and oral communication skills in both Vietnamese and English.
- Good computer skills including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint...
- Work experience with NGOs/INGOs is preferred but not mandatory.

CSDS offers a competitive salary and benefits.

The work base will be in Quoc Oai town (about 20km from Hanoi).

Please send detailed curriculum vitae with letter of application in English by

August 9 August, 2012 to [email protected].

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Quoc Oai
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2012-08-09