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REACH is a leading local NGO in providing vocational training for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam. Since 2004, REACH has trained more than 12,000 students and placed 80% of them at job. REACH is now working with YCI, (Youth Career Initiative), a program of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) to provide 24-week education program in life and work skills for disadvantaged young people. The first joint training was at Hanoi Hilton, Hanoi Sheraton and InterContinental and at REACH’s premise, started in early August 2013. 4 batched has been conducted successfully with great effects to disadvantaged youth.

To expand the program to the south of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh city in particular), and to ensure the quality of the YCI training project, REACH is seeking a motivated, qualified Project Coordinator to manage the project based in Ho Chi Minh city.

Job Title: Project Officer

Location: Hochiminh city

Position duration: 12 months (possibly extended) Starting date: desirably early April 2017

Job Purpose: the incumbent shall be responsible for coordinating various activities of the YCI vocational training project of REACH and ensure smooth operation and quality of the project. Also respbsible for other programs and tasked designed by REACH.

Report to: Northen Regional Manager, YCI Vietnam Coordinator

Line Coorperations: depends.

Key areas of performance:

1. Management of student enrollment:

  • Participate in mobilization of eligible candidates from a wide range of possible sources,
  • Interview and counsel students in interview day, use the right tools of selection to ensure the right ones enrolled,
  • Conduct home visits to ensure the accuracy of students’ life declarations.
  • Manage student list and records, ensure all students’ performance and principal formed are recorded and filed properly
  • Prepare all documents required by YCI partner for this process.

2. Management of students in training process:

  • Regularly check students’ attendance at REACH and hotels to ensure they meet the hour- of- training requirement. Develop and use monitoring tools to record student attendance.
  • Counsel students regularly so as they have good behaviors and attitude during training process and avoid drop-out.
  • Regularly contact with hotel POC to keep up with students’ training status
  • Notify REACH Training Coordinator (TC) and Northern Regional Manager (NRM) immediately of any student drop out or skip of class or misconducts.

3. Training coordination and management: the incumbent shall work closely with NTC, REACH Facilitators and Hotel Trainers to ensure the smooth operations of the training program.

  • Training at the hotel:
    • Regularly pay visit to hotels to ensure the quality of training,
    • Work with hotel trainers and/or related personnel to ensure good communication and cooperation between REACH and hotels in training delivery and possible other aspects,
    • Work with hotel Trainers for the development of lesson plan, training schedule, curriculum
    • Coordinate the organization of Joint Sessions that should occur at least once at each hotel
    • Develop tools to monitor and evaluate the quality of hotel trainer’s delivery.
  • Training at REACH:
    • Set up training schedule and delivery Engish and softskills lessons for the students (will be trained by REACH for proper teaching skills). Some softskills can be deliveried by hired expats.
    • Ensure sectors available for observation and/or check up,
    • Conduct class observation at hotel to ensure training is delivered as scheduled and properly.
    • Work with Vietnam YCI Coordinator to handle any issue related to training program.

4. Student job placement and follow up:

  • Ensure trained students have opportunities to work at the participating hotels, particularly work with training hotels to ensure trained students are interviewed in case proper vacancies exist, support students develop proper curriculum vitaes, together with trainers serve as referees for students trained. The target is 40% students recruited by participating hotels.
  • Identify potential employers of YCI graduates and develop a network of employers, organize job fairs, etc
  • Place the graduates at high quality jobs in Hospitality sector such as in high class hotels, restaurants. The incumbent shall optimize graduates’ benefits by ensuring they have long term contract and competitive wages.
  • Follow graduates at jobs by phone and physical visits to ensure they perform properly and their contracted benefits are respected in 6 month period. The incumbent has to use standard M&E tools for follow up activity.
  • Input all related job placement and follow up data as required and maintain the database properly, hand over database to B2Y Officer/Northern Training Coordinator and Northern Regional Manager on monthly basis.

5. Quality Assurance:

  • Work with NTC to ensure the best quality of training facilities, curriculum delivered.
  • Make timely suggestion of changes to improve the program or settle quality issues.
  • Record all training related data to well-developed tools.
  • Notify REACH Training Coordinator (TC) and Northern Regional Manager (NRM) immediately of any issue related to training quality of both REACH Facilitators and Hotel Trainers (missing of lesson plans, curriculum, inappropriate facilities, misconducts of trainees, capacities of trainers…)

6. Reporting and knowledge sharing:

  • Develop report to REACH as required
  • Share the experience and learning from YCI project with REACH staff

7. Partnership development:

  • Joint meeting between REACH and YCI, hotels and other partners to ensure the cooperative training meets highest scores of efficiency.
  • Fulfill all paper work needed as well as other duties to ensure good partnership development and implementation.
  • Meet and maintain relations with partners and authorities, fulfill required procedures to ensure the smooth operations of the program

Besides the above mentioned key areas of performance, the incumbent shall conduct other tasks assigned by NRM in consideration of his/her time and capacity.

Position requirements:

1. Qualification, experience and knowledge:

The incumbent must have:

  • University graduate,
  • Experience in project management
  • 2 years of experience and/or excellent knowledge in Hospitability sector is a plus
  • Experience in training monitoring, curriculum improvement,
  • Proper understanding of REACH and YCI’s operations
  • Experience in working with NGO providing vocational training is a plus

2. Skills and competencies:

The incumbent must have:

  • Good ability to use Office programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint…
  • Good skills in making reports with given forms,
  • Fluency in speaking and writing English
  • Have high monitoring and evaluation skills, especially for training observation and evaluation
  • Result orientation and customer service thinking.

Interested candidates should send application to [email protected] beore 31 May 2017.

Job Details
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Ho Chi Minh
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2017-05-31