Project VIE/034 - Bac Kan Vocational Education and Training (Phase II): Call for Expressions of Interest


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Project            : VIE/034 - Bac Kan Vocational Education and Training (Phase II)

Contracting Authority    : LuxDev and or line agency

Funding source        : Government of Luxembourg

Project VIE/034 is the second phase of a Luxembourg development cooperation support to the Bac Kan Vocational College (BKVC). The intention for this new project is, firstly, to consolidate the achievements of the first phase, i.e. project VIE/021 – Bac Kan Vocational Training and Education; secondly, to improve the school’s management thereby also enhancing the financial robustness through its income-generating potential and, thirdly, to offer a market- as well as client-oriented educational programme.

The overall objective of VIE/034 is to promote employment and livelihood development in line with the economic opportunities and the local sociocultural context in northern Vietnam, while the specificobjective is to develop the BKVC to an attractive, well-managed and financially robust school providingvocational education and training meeting the opportunities and demand of the regional labour market as well as the sociocultural expectations of the local population.

This will be achieved through two results:

  • Result 1: The overall management of BKVC is improved; and
  • Result 2: BKVC offers an attractive market- and client-oriented educational programme

The main purpose of the tasks related to Result 1 is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of BKVC by providing the management with a series of adapted planning and organisational tools. It is expected that upon completion of the project, BKVC will have a competent and experienced management team in charge of an efficient VET organisation capable of applying a market-oriented working approach all the while being engaged with key economic actors in the province.

In Result 2 the support of the project goes to complete the installation of and, if required, the upgrade of the physical facilities, equipment and tools delivered during the first phase under project VIE/021. A library/resource centre will also be outfitted and operationalized. Furthermore, support will be given to introduce a number of new sub-specialisation within the existing trades in order to improve the attractiveness of BKVC. These sub-specialisations are automotive repair, especially of diesel vehicles, maintenance and repair of heavy-duty equipment and air conditioning/refrigeration. Considering the serious environmental challenges of Bac Kan province, it will be assessed whether the project should play a role in improving existing and develop new courses in agro-forestry.

Specific areas where technical support is required are:


  1. Skills needs anticipation

  2. Curriculum development

  3. Training of trainers

  4. Institutional management

  5. Strategic development

  1. Social dialogue

  2. Campus management

  3. Training equipment

  4. Marketing and branding

  5. Climate change

  1. Employer and industry relations

  2. English language training (ESL)

  3. Buildings and grounds maintenance

  4. Housekeeping and cleaning

  5. Green Growth

There may also be opportunities for staff secondments to assist project’s Chief Technical Advisor implement the above programme of work.

Individuals and organisations interested in working with Lux Development on any areas indicated above with the project should express their interest to the project office at the address listed below. The expression of interest (EOI) should be accompanied by a capability statement stating the relevant areas of expertise and providing examples of previous work completed. The capability statement should also contain an appendix with short CVs for key individuals. EOIs should arrive at the project office no later than 12.00pm on Monday, 29 December 2017. Potential partners will be contacted shortly thereafter to discuss options further.

Project address: Project VIE/034 – Bac Kan Vocational College

No. 428 Nguyen Van To street, Bac Kan city, Bac Kan province

Email: [email protected]

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Fri, 2017-12-29