Provincial Coordinators for WASH project

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is looking for 2 provincial coordinators (PC) in Tuyen Quang and Bac Kan provinces. This assignment is to support sanitation supply chain development and capacity building in the 21 provinces on rural sanitation in Northern Mountains and Central Highlands Regions of Vietnam (NM-CH) under the World Bank-supported Results-Based Scaling Up Rural Sanitation and Water Supply Program (RB-SupRSWS Program).

General Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in public health, environment, social science, education or other related fields.
  • Preferably based in Tuyen Quang and Bac Kan provinces
  • A minimum of five years’ of experience in working in development sector. Capacity building, behaviour change communication (BCC) and promoting hygiene & sanitation experience is preferable.
  • Proven experience working with NGOs or private sector, and good network with the respective province and the local levels.
  • Proven capacity to communicate well across different government stakeholders at the province, district and commune level.
  • Ability and willingness to travel to remote areas of the provinces.
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English

Overall responsibilities:

  • Support local partners in implementation of all project activities to ensure they are carried out smoothly, in time and effectively as scheduled/plan
  • Timely reporting and documentation of implementation progress, lesson learnt including recommendation on solutions

Detailed role and responsibility

  • In planning
    • Together with local partners (pCPM) to review BCC plan 2016 to discuss and decide how to implement and to forecast difficulties/barriers for special solutions.
    • Coach local partners (pCPM) in review and discussion the BCC plan 2016 with lower levels (district, commune and village).
    • Support and coach local partners in development of BCC plan 2017 and 2018 (planning template, budget allocation, staff and time)
  • In implementation
    • Support and coach in preparation and implementation of the ToT 1 and ToT 3 and some cascade training
    • Conduct the ToT 2 (with support of SNV core team) then support and coach in preparation and implementation of some cascade training
    • Support and coach in implementation of BCC activities (village meetings, household visits, CLTS triggering)
    • Implementation and coach in selection and building capacity of SANCONS, Sale agents and masons.
    • Implementation and coach in selection and testing of business models
    • Documentation of all lesson learnt by activities as input for updating/revising of the curriculum/materials/package
    • Support and coach local partners in recording and preparation of proof evidences for disbursement/audit
  • In monitoring and reporting
    • Monthly and Quarterly progress report and;
    • Support and coach local partners (pCPM) in preparation of progress reports (monthly, quarterly and annual reports) as well as support them in coaching lower levels (district, commune and village).

Type of Contract:

  • Consultancy contract with a competitive salary package.
  • The fee rates and per diems will be covered and consistent with SNV cost norms.
  • Start date is expected as soon as possible

How to apply: Please send your application letter and CV, together with an indication of your current salary and compensation package to [email protected] by 15th November 2016.

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Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2016-11-15