Hue Help charity was set up with the collaboration between foreign students and Vietnamese NGO professionals. We have a number of programmes that help to alleviate poverty in Hue city and Thua Thien Hue province. Please visit for further information. If invited for interview, you will be expected to have some basic knowledge of Hue Help which can be obtained on the website.

Job Title:   Representative in Vietnam
Reports To: The Board of Trustees

Purpose of Job:

- To represent Hue Help and the Hue Help to partners, donors and members of the public.
- To fulfil all administrative and legal procedures in Vietnam.

Principal Accountabilities:

- To understand and follow all policies, guidelin Representativees and procedures of Hue Help.
- To represent Hue Help and to promote the interests of Hue Help and its stakeholders.
- To manage and oversee key staff in the Vietnam office as required, where
- To implement policy in Vietnam in accordance with the wishes of the trustees and relevant laws.
- To have an understanding of current policies and relevant legislation in Vietnam and be aware of any changes. To advise the trustees on these matters.
- To update the trustees on the operations of Hue Help and provide impartial advice to inform decision making.
- To develop proposals as required.
- To liaise with the Vietnamese governmental agencies to ensure Hue Help's activities in Vietnam have received the proper approval and support to allow for timely implementation.
- To update staff of new regulations issued by the Vietnamese authorities concerning their particular programmes / fields and internally publicise all government requirements for work purposes.
- To update and publicise all the processes Hue Help needs such as work permits and visas internally.
- To ensure that the activities of Hue Help comply with Vietnamese law and with Hue Help policy and decisions.
- To manage specific operations / programmes if requested to do so by the trustees
- To maintain a strong awareness of current procedures in Vietnam relating to foreign work permits, visas and labour laws, and fulfil these procedures where required.
- To provide timely and accurate reports on all aspects of Hue Help’s operations in Vietnam as requested, including financial reports when required.
- To complete timely reports for the management board, donors and stakeholders as required on the operations of Hue Help in Vietnam.
- To monitor the financial activity of Hue Help in Vietnam, and approve monthly financial reports produced in Vietnam.
- To act as Child Protection Officer for Hue Help, in accordance with Hue Help’s Child Protection Policy.

Other responsibilities include:

- To write articles and other promotional material.
- To provide advice and support to other staff.
- To translate documents into Vietnamese and English.
- To provide emergency support to volunteers and or staff as required.
- To ensure that data is handled in accordance with Data Protection Policy and current legislation.

The list of duties in the job description should not be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive.
There will be other duties and requirements associated with your job and, in addition, as a term of your employment you may be required to undertake various other duties as may reasonably be required.
Your duties will be as set out in the above job description but please note that Hue Help reserves the right to update your job description, from time to time, to reflect changes in, or to, your job.
You will be consulted about any proposed changes.


Please note that this job role is currently under review. Extension beyond three months may be considered, pending the outcome of the review. If you have any questions regarding this then please contact the recruiting manager, Graham Buc kley ([email protected])

Interested candidates please send your CV and other relevant qualifications to [email protected]

Application deadline: 22th February 2013

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Hue Help
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2013-02-22