Request of Interest for the Selection of Software Deisgn Company


Under the framework of Global Coffee Platform’s country plan 2017, a software/application will be designed to collect information to monitor and act upon performance of sector on sustainability and as an input  to GCP Knowledge Hub, GCP connect and GCP progress framework. This software will serve as a digital tool to support relevant actors in coffee farm management through mapping the coffee plantation areas. Currently, GCP is seeking a partner who is able to develop this software and application. Please see the ToRs (English and Vietnamese) for the full information.

1. Objectives of the work: The overall objective of this task is to design/develop a complete solution for mobile data gathering/analysing/reporting software to ensure mobile application and a web server application for GCP to help improve the coffee sector management. The final objective is for Vietnam coffee sector to have a formalized ID system and National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC) assurance system used for sector governance and improvement of sustainable production practices for climate change adaptation, higher value added and creating a sustainable sourcing zone for coffee from Vietnam

2. Planning and deadlines for the work to be done

- Starting time for the work: Aug 8th, 2017.

- Deadlines for completing the work:    

  • Develop the draft version of software/application: Sept 29th, 2017

  • Test the software and collect comments for necessary revision: Oct 31st, 2017

  • Complete the design: Nov 10th, 2017

3.Service provider qualification

  • Being a legal entity with business license granted by the competent authority.

  • Team leader has at least five years working experiences in software development

  • Having profound experience on web based/mobile application, especially in agricultural sector

4. Requirement for proposal:

  • A proposal, in which the quotation to present the detailed cost, and a realistic work plan which suits the service provider to complete the tasks will be presented. Additionally, the service provider should present a brief of how this assignment is understood, and its technical opinion regarding all the proposed functions of the software. In financial proposal, the applicant should indicate clear budget for the operations of the software, maintenance, new users.

  • Company profile: introduction of company, support document to justify similar experience in this assignment, CVs of team members mobilized for this assignment.

5. The applicants can submit their proposal in hard or soft copies, depending on their choice. The place where applicants can submit their proposal is:



Global Coffee Platform / IDH office

Address: 16 Thuy Khue str, Tay Ho dist, Ha Noi

Phone: +84 (4) 32002396 / +84 988 906 619

Email : [email protected]



7. Planning and deadlines of the application process and selection:

  • Deadline for submitting proposals: July 19th, 2017, 5 P.M (Hanoi time)

  • Time for reflexion/considering/comparison/interview: 19th to 31st July, 2017

  • Deadline for proposal/applicant selection: August 7th, 2017

The selection process will follow the requirements of Global Coffee Platform and the laws of Vietnam.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Global Coffee Platform
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2017-07-19