Request for Prosal: Creative Communication Agency Children, Climate Change and Humanitarian Response

In March 2016, the Government of Viet Nam has declared an emergency as 52 of its 63 provinces are suffering from the most severe saline intrusion and drought in more than 60 years linked to the impact of the 2015/16 El NiƱo phenomenon. At least 2 million people, including 520,000 children and 1 million women, are currently experiencing acute water shortage and require humanitarian assistance. With recent rainfall the situation in Mekong Delta has improved although impact of saline intrusion is yet to change. Viet Nam has historically been affected by environmental and natural disasters and the ongoing emergency has exacerbated a situation that has silently co-existed with socio-economic progress.

Deadline for submissions: 10:00 a.m., 05 July 2016

UNICEF is rolling out an emergency response with life-saving interventions for vulnerable children and women, while also addressing the root-causes and building resilience for population to withstand future shocks. The interventions include procuring nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene supplies, training commune health workers and support communication for development activities.

UNICEF is hiring a creative communication agency to help design and implement a strategy that connects the various impacts of climate change to concerns for children in a call for public action and support towards positive change in line with UNICEF's specific objectives attached herewith.

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UNICEF Vietnam
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Tue, 2016-07-05