Research Institution for In-depth Analysis on Prioritized Handicraft Value Chains

In partnership with MOLISA as the key Government of Viet Nam partner, and its Bureau of Child Protection and Care as implementing focal point, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) is implementing the project on “Technical Support for Enhancing National Capacity to Prevent and Reduce Child Labour in Viet Nam” (2014-2019) with the financial support from United States Department of Labour (USDOL). In Hanoi, the project’s strategy to improve the economic status of households of targeted children will be to enhance value chain opportunities for these households within the handicraft sector where they are already working, or in other enterprise development and employment opportunities beyond the sectors. In order to develop such strategy, an in-depth analysis on prioritized handicraft value chains in the project operational areas in Hanoi that the project targeted households are engaged or potential to be engaged for their livelihoods is needed. The involvement of a research institution will be required to assist the project in conducting this analysis.

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Mon, 2016-10-31