Research Team for Case Study on Capture and Farmed Aquatic Species in Domestic Market Consumption in Vietnam

WWF was one of the first International non-government organizations working in Vietnam. In 1985, WWF began working on a national conservation strategy and since then has worked closely with the Vietnamese Government and other stakeholders on a diverse range of environment issues and implemented field activities across the country.

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WWF-Vietnam (WWF-VN) has been working on Market Transformation Initiatives since 2006, concentrating on the production side of seafood products in Vietnam. The consumption side has focused on the export market, especially in the EU and US, where demand for sustainably produced products exists and has been supported by other WWF offices. However, the growing middle class in Asia is resulting in increasing demand for seafood products. To address this, WWF offices of neighboring countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines, started working on local consumption and markets from 2009.

WWF-VN has not previously focused on the domestic market since the income level of consumers in Vietnam has been generally low and therefore price, rather than issues of quality and sustainability, has driven the domestic market. However, there is the potential for change as the middle class and more educated population is growing. Although there is the risk that the increase in disposable income and hence increased capacity to consume will increase the consumption levels of seafood and of more rare or endangered species, there is also the opportunity that improved levels of education and understanding on environmental issues, gives the potential for developing interest and support for sustainable production and certified products.

WWF-VN has been working on Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) and sustainable certification schemes for both capture fisheries and aquaculture. Through this work, it has become apparent that there is a need to work with local stakeholders to address the sustainability within the domestic market. Pressure on fisheries resources is increasing, and the domestic market in particular does not follow regulations to ensure sustainability, including catching undersized fish either for local consumption or for aquaculture feed. From discussion with fishermen, some are aware of the problems and long term implications of overfishing, catching small fish, catching gravid individuals, fishing during closed seasons/closed areas etc. but as there is still a market for these products, unsustainable fishing practices continue.

There is a need to address the issues in the domestic seafood market as an integral component of ensuring a sustainable and long-term seafood industry in Vietnam. Therefore, it is necessary to do a case study on domestic consumption for key wild and farmed species. This case study will gather baseline data on the domestic seafood market including understanding domestic consumption in order to identify key species that we may focus on in both addressing local consumption patterns and improving production practices. To support that, WWF Vietnam will look for a research team to provide services as the requirements below

We are looking for Research team to conduct Case study on capture and farmed aquatic species in domestic market consumption in Vietnam (TOR are attached for your reference)

Objective :  To conduct a case study to identify the key capture and farmed aquatic species within the domestic market and understand the local consumption in order to develop effective strategies to 1) improve local production and fishing practices and promote sustainable seafood products (wild catch and farmed species) and 2) promote domestic consumption of the responsible seafood products.

Requirement:   At least having one team leader who is capable in market research and holds at least Master degree in one of following majors: economics, business, aquaculture/ fisheries, development, social science or relevant majors. The team leader must have relevant experience and knowledge of the sector or relevant work including design, analysis and carrying out similar surveys, and must have at least 5 years experience on relevant services.

Proposal required

  • Profile of service provider must be required
  • Proposed methodology, workplan, activities, timeframe and budget (including all related taxes)
  • Profile of team leader and members of the review team

Proposal package in English should be sent to:  Aquaculture Programme, WWF Vietnam at D13 Thang Long International Village, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam no later than 17:30 on the 22 October 2014. Email: [email protected]

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Wed, 2014-10-22