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Vietnam Senior Technical Officer, HIV Strategic Information


As acknowledged by many stakeholders, and expressly indicated by the Government of Vietnam (GVN), Social Health Insurance is the most appropriate long-term funding and financing vehicle for Vietnam to take on the direct financial burden related to HIV/AIDS programs as donor partners are planning to transition out of the country. However, as development partners and domestic advocates such as the Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) are making the case for an increased level of domestic funding for ARVs, the reality is such that, even with increased resources, the GVN would have to address a number of challenges before being able to effectively utilize the funds. Those include:

1. Many outpatient clinics (OPCs) currently offering HIV services financed by external partners are not eligible to sign contracts with Provincial and National Social Security;
2. Provincial Social Security officials don’t have a defined pricing mechanism and practical guidance for reimbursing HIV services;
3. The SHI benefit package, to include HIV, has not been officially approved and it is still lacking preventive services;
4. The GVN lacks a centralized procurement system for ARVs and other specialized drugs;
5. Vietnam Social Security lacks the ability to adequately forecast the additional liabilities from HIV and other services in the benefit package as Vietnam’s demographics evolve;
6. There is a lack of a consistent and evidence-based advocacy strategy with GVN policy and decision makers around full inclusion of HIV in Health Insurance.


In addressing the identified challenges, the incumbent Senior Technical Officer, HIV Strategic Information, will directly contribute to the following tasks:

  • Design and validate a roadmap for short and long term reforms that will establish a Centralized Procurement Agency and enable the GVN to sustainably procure and finance ARVs.  Based on options and recommendations presented in the brief from Task 1, key domestic stakeholders are expected to identify mutually agreed upon reforms.  HFG proposes to design and validate, with GVN and other partners, a roadmap that will present the steps and milestones involved with these reforms. The document will also provide a timeline for implementing the desired, short term and long term reforms, as well as indicators to monitor and evaluate the implementation of these reforms.
  • Assist the GVN in legalizing the institutional arrangements required to implement the reforms and establish a CPU.  After the analytical work has provided viable options and the GVN has committed to the adoption of a best course of action, HFG will provide technical assistance to the GVN to legalize the reforms’ required governance and financing  arrangements. HFG will work with the MOH to draft a legal document outlining the implementation of the institutional arrangements of the CPU, including regulatory and reporting arrangements, appropriate staffing structures with defined roles and responsibilities, a capacity development plan; and a system of checks and balances to ensure transparent bidding, selection and procurement processes. HFG will support the MOH to convene the necessary meetings and workshops with stakeholders to validate the draft document and to incorporate feedback from stakeholders in order to finalize the draft for submission to GVN leadership.
  • Continue and complete the NHA and HIV subaccount expenditure tracking exercise for 2013 and for 2014 accounts. For the first time in Vietnam, the HFG team has introduced the System of Health Accounts (SHA) 2011 methodology for the production of National Health Accounts. This work has started with SFI funds in the period June – September 2015. HFG will continue the task of supporting the production of Health Accounts in Vietnam with the current year’s SFI funding, in strict coordination with MoH and the World Health Organization’s NHA representative in Vietnam. HFG is planning to complete the HIV Subaccount in October 2015, the complete NHA for 2013 in December 2015 and the 2014 subaccount by the end of September 2016.
  • Expand the knowledge and use of System of Health Accounts 2011 at provincial level.  The Ministry of Health has expressed the intention to extend the use of the SHA11 NHA Production Tool software application to key provinces, and HFG will provide a feasibility study and immediately support for the implementation of bottom-up Provincial Health Accounts by training officials of HCMC, Khanh Hoa, Hanoi, Nghe An, Can Tho in the use and update of the SHA11 method of health accounts.
  • Other tasks as identified by the Director of Health Financing, Director of Health Insurance or Chief of Party.

Key Responsibilities

  • Take an active technical role for the implementation of assigned workplan activities in support of the transition of HIV funding and management to the GVN.
  • Support and coordinate DPF, VAAC/MOH for  the Implementation of the System of Health account/ HIV sub account and Health Resource Tracking Data in Vietnam
  • Support HFG and government partners in technical analysis and studies as needed, in particular with regards to building and using evidence to generate support for the sustainable HIV financing transition agenda
  • Lead the coordination of activities with regards to the effective implementation of assigned tasks and in support of the Director of Health Financing;
  • Coordinate the activities of international and local consultants working on assigned activities.
  • Represent HFG and update the COP on a regular basis with regards to participation to technical activities, meetings and workshops.

Skills/Knowledge Required:

  • An degree in economics or equivalent, and at least 7-10 years of relevant work experience, particularly in HIV
  • Proven experience with facilitation and copordination of HIV programs in Vietnam;
  • Professional experience and skills in design and implementation of programs in support of HIV financing and/or coordination, and/or strategic information and planning;
  • Knowledge of Social Health Insurance (SHI) issues and key stakeholders in Vietnam, including experience with MOH and VSS highly desirable;
  • Basic knowledge of statistical technique is desirable;
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with government counterparts and coordinate various actors such as different Ministry of Health units, other ministries and government agencies, donors and NGOs;
  • Proven planning, networking, and organizational skills;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Vietnamese;

Note: This local position is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and is expected to provide substantial support to Vietnam AIDS Administration Control.

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Deadline: 11-December-2015

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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