Short-term Consultant

UNDP Viet Nam seeks a short-term consultant to develop a Think Piece on women’s empowerment and international integration.  This document will help guide the UNDP project “Women’s Leadership – empowerment of women in the period of international integration”.

Deadline:        January 6, 2014
Location:        home-based
Organization:  UNDP Viet Nam
Duration:       short term consultancy


As witnessed in Viet Nam’s Socio Economic Development Strategy (2011-2020) and the new resolution on International Integration of the Politburo (No. 22-NQ/TW), the government of Vietnam has expanded its commitment to international integration.  There is a shift from previous resolutions on international integration which focus on economic integration to a larger scope including diplomatic, security, socio-cultural aspects of integration. The resolution does not mention gender equality or women’s empowerment directly however there is considerable space to develop a thorough strategic approach to ensure gender equality becomes an integral component of the country’s new direction.


The think piece proposed has the following objectives:
1.      Understanding better what the international integration policy means for the Party and government and the implications for women’s empowerment
2.      Identify key issues in the international integration process that can disempower or empower women and have impact on gender equality
3.      Provide recommendations to key government agencies on:

  • Ensuring women are involved in shaping and implementing the international integration policy
  • Ensure the process will not decrease gender equality and create more disadvantages for women
  • Programming/procedural changes to empower women through international integration

4.      This document will be used as a discussion piece for upcoming policy visits, conferences and workshops

Degree of Expertise and Qualifications

It is envisaged that the consultant undertaking this work will have the following qualifications:

Required qualifications

·         Advanced degree in political science or social science;
·         At least 10 years  of professional experience  conducting  similar applied  policy-oriented research in  developing countries;
·         Proven expertise in conducting gender analysis of government regulations and processes in developing countries;
·         Proven expertise in international integration;
·         Knowledge of current affairs and political situation in Vietnam;
·         Publications on topics relevant for this study (including at a working paper level) would be highly desirable.
·         Proven ability to write clear, jargon-free English.
·         Proven ability to produce clear think pieces, policy briefs, slide presentations

Please view here for the full Request for Proposal and Terms of Reference or send an email to [email protected]. Deadline for submission of the technical and financial proposal is January 6, 2014.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
UNDP Viet Nam
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2014-01-06