Social Work Program Officer


Viet-Nam Assistance for the Handicapped (VNAH) ( is an international NGO based in Virginia, USA that has been providing humanitarian and development assistance programs in Viet Nam since 1990. On-going projects include technical assistance to local partners in development and implementation of policies and programs related to people with disabilities and domestic non-profit organizations.  We also provide vocational training and employment assistance; rehabilitation services; delivery of assistive devices for people with disabilities as well as small rural development projects and disaster relief assistance.

Vietnam National policy (program No: 32/2010/Q?-TTg, 25 May 2010) on social worker development requires 60,000 social workers to be trained by 2020.  Yet it is widely agreed that existing courses fail to prepare students with the skills needed to perform effectively as a social worker. Most courses are taught on a very traditional model that does not adequately prepare student for front line practice. Apparently, few social work academics have worked as social workers or have been sufficient trained in social work.  Social work theory and social work education should be informed by practice.  There seems to be a disconnection between theory and practice, and between social work education and the skills needed to practice effectively as a social worker.

This project seeks to instill a commitment to “Learning-by-Doing” model of social work fieldwork education and training by the relevant Ministries and in leading social work education programmes in Vietnam. This will help to begin to close a serious gap that exists currently in social work education - a gap between theory as taught in the classroom and the practice realities facing graduates emerging from social work courses.  The project will be piloted in several leading social work educational institutions, with a view to eventually implementing the “Learning-by-Doing” model of fieldwork training nationally. The overall “Learning-by-Doing” project will prioritise capacity building in social work education in fieldwork and the classroom relating to disability, mental health, gender and other vulnerable groups.

Key responsibilities of the Social Work Program Officer (SWPO):

The SWPO shall assist in the day-to-day management, implementation and successful completion of the projects/programs as stipulated in the project documents and as directed by the Project Unit supervisor and/or Country Director. The SWPO shall be primarily involved in project activities regarding development of social work fieldwork education and training. She/he will work with and support his/her unit to complete the objectives   the current programs/projects.  

She/he shall also assist in other VNAH projects/programs as requested. She/he shall participate/assist in communications with Project partners, NGOs, financial management of assigned project, and report writing. The SWPO will be located in VNAH’s Hanoi office and work under the direct supervision of the Social Work Supervisor and the Chief of the Party (CoP)  (when needed). 

Specific responsibilities and duties of the SWPO are:

  • Work with and support consultants, local partners, including University of Social Science and Humanity, University of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health  to develop and implement the overall plan for  development of “Leading-by-Doing” model of social work fieldwork education and training. Activities will include budget plans and budget expenditures in relation with project planned activities and objectives, design, trial and evaluation of the pilot model;
  • Ensure partners collaborate/work with other universities, service providers, government agencies, local and international NGOs, groups/organizations of people with disabilities (PWD) and VNAH as a team in the process of developing the “Learning-by-Doing” model. 
  • Oversee/monitor the drafting process, including the social work fieldwork curriculum development, providing inputs, review and edits to drafts;
  • Assist and ensure that the universities will carry out:  reviews and consultation with experts; development of social work fieldwork education and training curriculum, monitoring and evaluation of pilot implementation;
  • Advise and report to the SWS and COP on project progress and problems;
  • Arrange, coordinate and participate in project meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, trainings, site visits, and other activities/events;
  • Undertake and assist in translation and interpretation as requested;
  • Undertake and assist other project/program officers and VNAH staff in the collection, maintenance and filing of all project as well as field related information, documents, reports, etc. in all formats – print, electronic, video, audio, etc.;
  • Undertake and/or assist in preparing articles, news release, routine correspondence and report (monthly, quarterly, as hoc);
  • Assist other staff responsible for other VNAH projects in all aspects of project implementation as requested by senior management;  
  • Assist senior staff in fundraising and/or expanding/developing new programs.
  • Keep current on the Government of Viet Nam, donors and NGO policies, programs and plans related to disabilities and civil society (including doing research, study, analysis etc).
  • Undertake other duties as assigned by responsible staff, including the Unit supervisor, Country Director, President and/or their designates.

Qualifications needed

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in social work, psychology, public health or sociology.
  • At least three year working experience in  relevant fields.
  • Demonstrable skills in planning, organization, monitoring and reporting
  • Skills and experiences in project management, be detail oriented.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to communicate effectively with diverse partners and stakeholders in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Good spoken and written English skills
  • Ability to work independently under minimal supervision as well as in a team.
  • Good computer skills, especially using the Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

VNAH is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender or disability in its employment and promotion practices.

Applications including motivation letter and CV (with three references) should be sent to: [email protected] and [email protected].

Deadline: 3rd January 2013

Job Details
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Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped (VNAH)
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2014-01-03