Sponsorship Facilitator

World Vision International – Vietnam (WVV) invites Vietnamese competent candidates for the following position:

01 Sponsorship Facilitator (Ham Thuan Bac ADP)
Regular work base: Ham Thuan Bac District, Binh Thuan Province

Interested candidates are invited to apply ONLINE via WORLD VISION VIETNAM'S WEBSITE BY 30 June 2015


WVV’s Area Development Programs (ADPs) focus within one administrative district of a province which usually populated by ethnic minority people with very high rates of poverty. ADPs are mainly funded by sponsorship funds, and are a phased approach to development, involving clear and consistent assessment, design, and implementing, reporting, monitoring and evaluation and reflection phases. Each ADP is tailored to the needs of a specific community in alignment with WVV’s strategic priorities. WVV works closely with district and commune local authorities and local partners to implement program activities. A uniqueness of WVV’s ADP approach and structure is that team members are based at district level where the ADP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis.

The current ADP structure is based on sectoral approach with one staff in charge of one sectoral project. Since FY11, WVV have applied the Development Program Approach and revised its ADP structure. Under each ADP, there are from 6 to 8 staff, including 1 ADP manager, 1 Sponsorship Facilitator, 1 Finance Officer/Bookkeeper, 1 ADP Coordinator and 2-4 Development Facilitators (DFs) who are in charge of all projects and programme activities for around 2 assigned communes/wards in their ADP (from assessment to planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and transition). For each cluster (3-5 ADPs), there are 4 technical cluster staff: Health/ WASAN/ HIV/AIDS; Education; Agriculture/ Economic Development; DME/Capacity Building. DFs will be coached by the ADP Manager programmatically and by the technical cluster staff technically. One of the strengths of this structure is to allow better integration of the program toward Child Well-being Outcomes.


Purpose of Position

  • To build and enhance Sponsorship Service Operations focusing on children’s well-being and the transformation of registered children, their families and communities and sponsors, through collaborating with local sponsorship volunteers network in planning and implementing activities of the Sponsorship Management Project in the designated ADP working area.
  • To assists the ADP Manager in facilitating and maintaining efficient and effective   Sponsorship Service Operations, Sponsorship Programming and Child Monitoring according to the Sponsorship standards.

Key responsibilities:

1.Sponsorship Service Operations

  • Make and implement Monthly/quarterly/annual plans on Sponsorship Service Operations (SSO) in coordination with the Development Facilitators (DFs) and under supervision of the ADP Manager.
  • Maintain good relations between sponsors and Registered Children (RC) through routine mailing communication by the Sponsorship Standards.
  • Arrange Sponsor’s visit in coordinator with relevant DF and make the visit report in English.
  • Translate into English “Thank-you” letters, correspondences in a timely manner.
  • Process The Support Office/ Sponsor’s requests in a timely manner in accordance with SSO policies.
  • Provide Monthly sponsorship statistics to DFs and ADP Manager

2.Sponsorship Programming and Child Monitoring

  • Organize regular meetings with DFs to review, plan or follow-up on sponsorship programming issues.
  • Select and plan number of Register Children (RC) as per the ADP’s child selection criteria which is formulated with regards to the Sponsorship Standard, national and local context.
  • Monitor the well-being status of RC, documented and reflected and follow-up regularly in periodic reflections meetings of the ADP team in collaboration with ADP staff and local volunteers, partners.
  • Track in the ADP’s programming interventions, transformational development; their benefit, participation RC, their families and communities are intentionally included.

3. Community Awareness & Training

  • Establish and manage the sponsorship volunteer network at the target communes of the ADP with close coordination between schools (teachers volunteers network) and community settings (hamlet facilitators network) at village and commune levels ;
  • Provide Technical support to the DFs in conducting orientation and training sponsorship volunteers, hamlet facilitators and other related local partners to raise the awareness of WV’s sponsorship, update the ADP’s programming interventions, their progress and accomplishments in community;
  • Document stories about RC and their families’ significant changes in their life, achievements, best practices and learning experiences compiled for WV publications and shared within the Partnership.


The following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on the job training:

  • Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes;
  • Demonstrated training and facilitation skills;
  • Good time management and organizational skills;
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills; 
  • Fair English, especially email/letters writing skills;
  • Good computer skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email;
  • Humility, respect, and care for others – especially the vulnerable children

Our contact details are:

People and Culture Officer – Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thao
World Vision International - Vietnam
Address: No. 39, Road No. 6B, Trung Son Residential Area, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 08. 54318354 (ext.108)

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization which works to improve the quality of life of people, especially children, who are marginalized and living in poverty regardless of religion, race and gender.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
World Vision International Vietnam (WVV)
Bnh Thuan
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2015-06-30