Strategic Advisor


I. The project information

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project in Tra Vinh Province funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The project is implemented in Tra Vinh province from 2014 to 2020

II. The project objectives

2. 1. The overall objectives (long term)

Speed up the development and competitive capacity of SMEs, create a good investment and business envrionment for SMEs to contribute more to economic development, national competitive capacity enhancement and economic international integration, generate local employment, extend economic development opportunities equally for rural females and males, including enthnic minority in Tra Vinh province.

2. 2. The specific objectives (short term)

  • Enhance the rural livelihoods including females and ethnic minority through SMEs development.
  • Enhance business, production and management capacity for micro enterprises, SMEs including the enterprises owned by females and minority.
  • Look for the market for industrial, handicraft and agricultural products (including husbandry, cultivation and aquaculture).
  • Enhance the efficiency of business association, career association.
  • Enhance the efficiency of public investment.
  • Enhance the capacity of pulic financial mangement staff and enterprise management staff and consultation supporting staff.
  • Create a good business environment for micro enterprises, SMEs which develop in sustainable environment and gender streamline.

The project has three components :

  • Component 1: Build and implement SMEs development plan;
  • Component 2: Build small scale infra- structure to support SMEs development;
  • Component 3: Enhance the capacity of public administrators to support SMEs development.

The project is looking for a suitable candidate for strategic advisor to provide consultations comprehensively to gain planned objectives.

This position is full time to the end of the project, the contract is signed by a year on the basis his/her work performance.

Salary and bonus: according to the cost norm of UN-EU (the updated version) and the project manuals.

Direct management: report directly to project director.

Working location: working at the project office of PMU – SME Tra Vinh in Tra Vinh city and travel to districts and communes and other places inside and outside Vietnam as the project request.

III. Job description

  • Common responsibility
    • Provide a comprehensive consultation to PMU and PSC about strategic issues for the project to gain the planned objectives and results mentioned in the project document and the performance measurement frame (PMF) of the project.
  • Specific responsibilities
    • Take an active initiative to provide consultation, policies, orientations and approaches of the project life and deploy the project activity annually to meet the priorities of the province about SMEs development and achieve the planned results.
    • Provide consultation to provincial project steering committee (PSC) to instruct district PSCs and concerned departments and agencies, commune PMUs in cooperation and participation in the project activity implementation to achieve the committed results with the province and donor.
    • Provide consultation to Project management board in internal management to optimize the capacity of PMU staff and secure the linking and cooperation between concerned parties in PMU- SME Tra Vinh.
    • Cooperate with specialized expertise advisors (value chain advisors, business start-up advisor...) and other specialists and consultants of the project for solution proposal and technical activities in effective implementation.
    • Provide consultation to orienting and securing effective and high quality consultation service provided by identifying the needs of consultant services for every field, activity and the requests met by consultants.
    • On the basis of the plan of SMEs development in Tra Vinh province for the period 2017 - 2020 and the delegation of department of planning and investment as well as the project owner, be responsible for annual work plan of the project, provide consultation and facilitation to concerned departments and agencies and PMU –SME Tra Vinh in the implementation of annual work plan and monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan of SMEs development in Tra Vinh for the period 2017-2020 to meet practical requirements of SMEs in the province, at the same time to cooperate, promote and use effectively project resources.
    • Build and facilitate the cooperation between the project and PCI working team, business start-up team and concerned departments and agencies to secure the efficiency of the project activity, contribute to achieving the project overall objectives.
    • Build and facilitate the cooperation between project specialists and concerned departments and agencies in value chain activity supporting, and priority sectors relevant to SMEs of the province (example: value chains of coconut, peanut and tourism ...).
    • Other tasks according to the request of project director.

IV. Required capacity and experience:

1. Educational background:

  • University degree from Economics, Agriculture Economics, Management Business Administration or other relevant fields.
  • Participated in the business management.
  • Computer competence: good use of Word, Excel and other soft-wares in analysis and statistics.

2. Experience:

  • At least 10 years of experience in advisors, senior leader/manager, the position providing strategic consultation to local governments and enterprise organization;
  • Good understanding and experience in cooperation and interaction with the government offices at local and central levels.
  • Good knowledge and experience about results-based management (RBM) and gender and environment streamline;
  • At least 5 years of management experiences of ODA projects.

3. Knowledge

  • Good understanding of development strategies of SMEs in Tra Vinh and other countries;
  • Good understanding about specific activities and administrative structure of SMEs development.
  • Good understanding of strong and weak points of business environment in Tra Vinh province.

4. Skills

  • Good capacity of strategic analysis and consultation;
  • Good capacity of coaching;
  • Practical capacity in leadership, guidance and facilitating of team work under the time pressure.

5. Personal capacity

  • Good capacity to adapt quickly and flexibly in problem solving;
  • Good capacity of evaluation and observation the situations, tasks and personality subjectively;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Good capacity of team work;
  • Good capacity of priority activity arrangement reasonably and provide work facilitation in time.

6. Other advantages

  • Participating in economic courses after university;
  • Good working experiences of the project funded by Canada;
  • Good experiences in the ODA project designing relevant to SMEs development;
  • Good understanding of minority, personality and social and economic situation in Tra Vinh. Good experience of senior official in government offices in Tra Vinh particularly, good prestige with local community and government is a good advantage.

Document application: The candidates send their letters which mention clearly their interest in the position and a brief of their educational background, experience, knowledge and skill and a CV attached to SME Tra Vinh project by post or email [email protected] or direct application by person at the address:

The project office of SME Tra Vinh:
19 A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, ward 2, Tra Vinh city , Tra Vinh province, Vietnam

Dead line for application: 17h00 on 15/11/2017.

* Notes:

  • Only short list candidates will be interviewed..
  • Please provide contact information (email, phone).

TOR - Vietnamese


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SME Development Project in Tra Vinh Province
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2017-11-15