Technical Service Vendor to Develop an Online “Technical Assistance (TA) Marketplace”

FHI 360 seeks to engage a qualified technical service vendor to develop an online “Technical Assistance (TA) Marketplace” as part of the USAID/Sustainable HIV Response from Technical Assistance (SHIFT) project. Please find the attached Request for Quotation (RFQ) for further information.
Technical Assistance Marketplace Development


FHI 360 seeks to engage a qualified technical service vendor to develop an online “Technical Assistance (TA) Marketplace” as part of the USAID/Sustainable HIV Response from Technical Assistance (SHIFT) project.


The vendor must possess significant and demonstrable experience in developing websites and web portals. The preferred vendor will have direct experience working with the Vietnam Authority for AIDS Control (VAAC), Ministry of Health (MOH), and/or other Government of Vietnam (GoV) bodies.


The SHIFT online TA Marketplace will allow persons and organizations (including public and private HIV stakeholders at district, provincial, and national levels) in Vietnam to solicit and engage TA services from consultants and service providers (organizations) registered on the Marketplace through a voucher system established by FHI 360/SHIFT. Specifically, the TA Marketplace must be able to:

  • Allow potential consultants and consulting organizations (e.g. “Marketplace Members”) to draft and submit applications/draft profiles describing their experience and credentials and technical domains in which they are interested and available to provide services.
  • Allow potential Marketplace Members to complete and upload documents required for their engagement as consultants under SHIFT, including biodata forms and CVs.
  • Allow select personnel (from both FHI 360/SHIFT and/or VAAC) to review, edit, respond to, and approve Marketplace Member profiles in order to activate them. This editing should include the ability to demarcate Marketplace Members with specific certifications (e.g. “Has completed TA Marketplace Orientation;” “Has completed MOH/VAAC DQA training;” etc.).
  • Allow select personnel to ‘hide’ or inactivate Marketplace Member profiles from public view without deleting them from record.
  • Allow interested Marketplace Customers to draft and submit scopes of work to request TA services (R-SOWs), following a template developed by FHI 360/SHIFT.
  • Allow Marketplace Customers to review and provide feedback on engaged TA providers to FHI 360/SHIFT using a standardized template/form.
  • Host a “community of practice” for HIV/AIDS technical assistance that would enable registered consultants and service providers to post or share articles that have technical relevance, or to promote their services.
  • Integrate with the existing VAAC Web Portal at
  • Be quickly and easily updated by FHI 360/SHIFT and/or VAAC personnel as needed.
  • Generate all user interface and forms in both English and Vietnamese.

The vendor shall host the online TA Marketplace on a web server for a period of at least 12 months, and provide on-demand technical support as needed to ensure the full functionality of the Marketplace for at least 12 months. 


The vendor must generate an “alpha” version of the online TA Marketplace which meets at least the first six of the above requirements by July 29, 2016. After thorough testing and approval, the vendor must be prepared to take a fully functional version of the online TA Marketplace live by August 10, 2016. As described above, the vendor shall host the online TA Marketplace and provide technical support for at least 12 months following initiation of the contract.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 30th, 2016 to [email protected]

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR CLARIFICATION REGARDING THIS REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS, please direct your questions to Ms. Megan Averill at [email protected] by close-of-business on Thursday, June 24th, 2016. Responses shall be shared with all applicants.


  1. Budget detail and cost realism (30pts)
  2. Qualifications and experience of firm and staff to be assigned (40pts)
  3. Commitment and evidence of ability to produce required deliverables in required timeframe (30 pts)

Maximum Points: (100)

TARGETED AWARD DATE: July 15th, 2016

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
FHI 360
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2016-06-17