Tenders for Laptop, desktops, monitors, printers

WWF-Viet Nam, USAID Biodiversity Conservation would like to invite Tenders who are interested in our tender package: “Laptop, desktops, monitors, printers".

Detailed information of the announcement can be found here:



The application dossier will include: 

  • Letter of Interest
  • Financial Proposal
  • Statement of Commitment
  • Documents proving the contractor’s eligibility
  • Documents proving the contractor’s competence
  • Documents proving the validity of the goods

Details of submission:

1.  Please send the application to WWF-Viet Nam’s designated mailbox at [email protected] . Your e-mail must have the subject heading asFY24-0249 & FY24-0270 BCA -[Tender’s name]-HST “Laptop, desktops, monitors, printers”

The maximum size per email that WWF-Viet Nam can receive is 25MB.

Bidding documents must have a password installed by the Tender. The purchaser will request the tender to provide the password before the bid opening time.

The purchaser will receive bids from all tenders who submit bids before the bid closing time. In case the tender submits the Bid documents after the bid closing time, the Bid documents will be rejected and returned to the tender in its original state.

Deadline for submission: on or before 17:00, October 06th, 2023 (Hanoi time – ICT).


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2023-10-06