Vietnamese Firm for Labour Market Survey with a Gender Lens

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We are looking for a Vietnamese firm for:

Vacancy: Labour Market Survey with a gender lens

Location: Yen Bai


1.1       Purpose

The main purpose of this labor market survey is to provide an overall picture of the existing market, needs on labor, type of work and related requirements, gender sensitivity in employment, impact of labor mobility on female young workers and the gaps between demand and supply in Tran Yen district and can be extended to Yen Bai city. The survey report will provide information for the Project to provide appropriate trainings agendas for youth and map out potential businesses that are willing to support young women and men in their economic empowerment.

1.2       Research Questions

This labour market survey seeks to answer the following research questions:

Research Question 1: Economic Context in Yen Bai and nearby provinces:

1a. Which sectors are having high demand for youth labour? What are the job opportunities for youth?

1b. Which sectors are likely to see increase in employment in the near future (within 3 years)? Why?

1c. What is the characteristic, current situation and needs of the local labour markets in the targeted districts, province and surrounding areas nearby provinces?

1d. Map out potential businesses interested in supporting young women and men in economics empowerment?

Research Question 2: Demand for Skills in Yen Bai and nearby provinces, and considering the identified sectors above:

2a. What are the existing capacities of EM youth?

2b. Which knowledge and skills do they need to adapt to the requirements of the labour market and employment opportunities?

2c. Which are the skill sets required by function in the value chain, currently and in the near future (within 3 years)?

Research Question 3: Supply of Skills. Considering the above identified opportunities:

3a. What occupations, education levels, and skill levels are possessed by ethnic minority youth aged 16 to 24 in the project area?

3b. What are the gaps between what EM youth possess and what are required by the above opportunities?

3c. What kind of employability and social knowledge and skills that ethnic minority youth would like to learn? Why? How do they want to learn?

3d. What types of trainings are offered by which institutions? To what extent and how can ethnic minority youth access these trainings? Why?

3e. What should be included in a training course for ethnic minority youth in the project areas, in order to help them increase their employability? How should that training course be organized? Based on identified needs of labour market and ethnic minority youth, how can the project develop the suitable training agendas for youth?

Research Question 4: Systems and Stakeholders. Considering answers to the above questions:

4a. What are the institutional relationships, barriers, and opportunities for supporting change in a labour market or workforce development system, and what type of interventions can support this change?

4b. How can youth and jobseekers have information about demand and supply?

4c. How is the match between skilled workers and employment opportunities? What are effective intermediaries helping to connect employers and jobseekers?

4d. What are incentives for young workers to stay in or leave the labour market (perhaps through emigration)?

4e. What are biases, or cultural or gender norms, keeping skilled workers from being hired? How does the gender sensitivity in employment impact labour mobility on young workers?

4f. What are key policies, regulations, and institutions that may be impacting the labour market?

1.3       Call for proposals and suggested methodology

The project is seeking for local firm /institute/ organization (hereafter called ‘Consultant’) to provide services for Save the Children to conduct the survey of this project that answers the above questions. Save the Children International in Vietnam will provide technical and logistical support at the surveyed areas.

The Consultant is expected to submit the following documents, which will be used for selection purposes:

Document and requirements: A detailed survey proposal that describes how research questions would be answered. This document should include:

  • Methodology (including qualitative and quantitative methods): The proposed methodology should address how consent will be obtained and data is protected. Please note that SC requires parental consents before any interview with children under 18 years old can be conducted. 
  • Sampling methodology
  • Survey schedule
  • Tools and description of tools
  • Personnel
  • Budget: The budget is inclusive of all costs, overheads and expenses, including consultant fee, data collector's feeds, stationery, travel, subsistence and accommodation.





Due Date


Develop and finalize survey protocol, budget estimation and toolkits, including:

  • Quantitative questionnaire
  • In-depth interview questionnaire
  • Focus group discussion guidelines
  • Sampling matrix
  • Draft outline of survey report

26 - 30 Oct 2020


Pre-test the survey tools with some representative respondents in the field to test the respondents’ comprehension of questions as well as the time it takes to answer them all, then finalize tools before actually conducting the baseline survey.

- Ensure the languages, length and questions raising are appropriate with each respondent.

30 Oct  - 2 Nov 2020


Conduct training for data collectors on the toolkit, survey.

SC combine to conduct safeguarding training.

2 – 5 Nov 2020


Data collection at the research fields

Be ethical to project beneficiaries and communities, seek the respondents’/ legal guardians of respondents’ informed consent before they join the survey and appreciate the active participation of respondents (If they do participate, ensure they understand the reason for the survey, who you are, and how their data will be used)

5 – 12 Nov 2020


Data analysis and draft survey report in English and Vietnamese

13 – 20 Nov 2020


Finalize the report for labour market survey with suitable training agendas based on labour market and youth’s identified needs in English and Vietnamese

21 Nov – 5 Dec 2020


Knowledge translation materials: A presentation sharing on the key survey results in PowerPoint

6 - 8 Dec 2020


Finance documents: including all receipts, lists of participants, etc. as per SC and donor requirements

21 – 30 Nov 2020



  • Key staff with at least University Degree in international development, social sciences or a related discipline.
  • At least 10 years of experience in leading and conducting related studies, surveys, assessments or M&E related activities.
  • Legal registration for organization/firm/institute.
  • Have strong knowledge on youth issues, labor market, social – economic development programs, especially youth and programs in mountainous areas, ethnic minority communities.
  • Work experience in labor market analysis (e.g. having skills in using sector selection tools, value chain mapping), youth employment, the socio-economic development of vulnerable minority youth, start-up projects, supply chains, etc.
  • Good at planning, budgeting and reporting skills.
  • Work experience with local governments, NGOs, CSOs, businesses in related programming.
  • Able to allocate resource for a long term contract (up to 3 months), be flexible in work.
  • Working experience in team-working and documentation.
  • Excellent skills in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis (Nvivo, Epidata, SPSS, Stata).
  • Good at English communication, writing, presenting and reporting skills
  • Familiar with developing online surveys.

Interested firm(s) should send the required documents that clearly state the reference number “PR-VNM-HNI-2020-196” in the subject line to this mail: Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang at the following email address: [email protected]

The completed competitive offer package should fully contain the following documents:

  1. A detailed survey proposal that describes how research questions would be answered. This document must include methodology (including qualitative and quantitative methods), Sampling methodology, Survey schedule, Tools and description of tools, Personnel.
  2. Breakdown Financial proposal includes all costs, overheads and expenses, including consultant fee, data collector's feeds, stationery, travel, subsistence and accommodation (lumpsum package).

Sample report/survey (s) similar to this assignment

The closing date for application is 5pm on 15th October, 2020. Applications will be treated in confidence. Due to the volume of applications we receive, only short-listed candidates will be contacted and CVs cannot be returned.

Save the Children is an equal opportunities employer. Our selection processes reflect our commitment to the protection of children from abuse, and our people are as diverse as the challenge we face.  We welcome applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of age, disability, HIV/AIDS status, race, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Save the Children
Yen Bai
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2020-10-15