Workshop Facilitator

TOR: Workshop to share and internalize Child protection policy

I. General information

Child abuse is a global problem and can occur in forms of physical, psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse. A child may also be subjected to neglect, forced to live under harmful conditions or become exploited. All though children’s overall conditions in Vietnam have improved immensely over the past two decades there are still areas which need attention. Disparities are widening between the rich and the poor, the Kinh majority and the ethnic minorities, and between urban and rural areas. With support from UNICEF, Vietnam recently developed its own child-specific approach to poverty, based on basic needs like education, health, shelter, social inclusion and protection. This approach led to an estimation concluding that, in 2006 about a third of all children below 16 could be considered poor(UNICEF). Children who live in poverty, or are affected by natural disasters are particularly vulnerable and are often subjects of abuse. The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), in compliance with Caritas Australia’s request and expectations, recognizes that a child protection policy is a necessary tool in assuring that any child who may be involved in, or affected by, our work is protected.

The Child Protection Policy (CPP) after construction will be mainstreamed into SRD’s program operation and projects implementation. Therefore, in order to provide sufficient information of practical and specific context and conceptual understanding to its staff, SRD will organize a workshop for sharing, discussing and internalizing CPP contents. The first and second workshops were conducted for SRD staff, Advisory Board member and its partners, where the policy was shared and basic information was provided. After the second workshop, SRD program staff and its project partners also developed follow up plan to mainstream CPP into program implementation.

2. objectives

CPP contents are refreshed and shared in a way that more practical information and case stories are reflected from practical project implementation. Skills of SRD staff and its project partner in dealing with CPP is therefore referred to and improved.

3. time, venue and methods

The workshop (WS) will be held in 2 days expected in early June 2014 in Hanoi as follows:

Day 1: Refreshing knowledge
Refresh basic contents of CPP;
Presentation, questions and answers relating to follow up plan;
Case study sharing

Day 2: Skills dealing with CPP issues in practical situation in project situation
Introduction of some practical examples in the project areas through role playing;
Recommendation of possible solutions for role playing examples;
Questions and answers.


Total: 40 participants who are SRD staff and its project partners accompanied by project officers in charge


  • Reads the CPP and related form and documents such as the 1st and 2nd workshop reports, follow up plan;
  • Works with CPP task force to prepare plan and tentative agenda accordingly;
  • MC and facilitates WS presentation, group discussion to ensure obtain specified objectives;
  • Summarizes and wraps up everyday;
  • Writes a workshop report afterward.


  • Expertise in the area of child protection and development;
  • Experience and skills in WS facilitation;
  • Experience working with NGO and community is preferable;

7. FEE

Fee for 2 days at WS and 1 day before and after including document reading, preparation and report writing is 200 USD/day x 3 days = 600 USD (including PIT which SRD will deduct directly when payment is made);

The CPP task force team of SRD will provide any assistance for the facilitators on the workshop logistic preparation, including stationeries, lunch at the WS and other facilities needed.


The CPP task force team of SRD will assist and collaborate with the facilitators before and during the WS;
Provide required documents for facilitators to prepare document and WS facilitation plan;


Interested candidates are encourage to contact with and or send their letter of interest together with CV before 30 May 2014, to

Bui Thuy Duong, HR officer, member of CPP Task force team at:
[email protected]

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Fri, 2014-05-30