AO Victims in Tien Giang Receive Help from Community

The Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang is home to nearly 11,100 Agent Orange/dioxin victims, most of who live in poverty, according to the provincial association of AO/dioxin victims. At present, 10,751 victims, or 96.89% of the total, are receiving monthly allowances from the State. Since the beginning of this year, the association and its chapters have raised nearly VMD9.4 billion (nearly $405,500) to help AO victims, surpassing the yearly target by nearly VND2.4 billion. The money has been used to buy nearly 24,000 gifts and build 26 houses for AO victims, as well as to lend to victims to improve their household economy. On the occasion of the Day for AO/dioxin Victims (August 10), the association has sent 11 delegations to visit and present gifts to poor AO victims. The provincial authority has disbursed nearly VND15.4 billion to AO victims affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, from the Government’s support package for people under impacts of the pandemic. Up to 10,239 AO victims have benefited from the package. The active work of the association of AO/dioxin victims and local authorities has helped local victims overcome difficulties and have a stable life. (Vietnam Plus)