Bahnar Ethnic People Preserving Traditional Brocade Weaving

Through a project sponsored by the British Council on the conservation and development of Bahnar brocade weaving in Kong Long Khong commune in Kbang district, Dinh Thi Lach, a Kgiang villager, has worked hard to preserve and promote the tradition.

Starting last year, the traditional Rong house in Kgiang village has become a place where women in the village can pick up traditional brocade weaving skills.

Under the guidance of artisans, classes pass on basic techniques to create brocade products.

The closing ceremony for the British Council-sponsored project marked the initial success of preservation efforts for Barnah traditional brocade weaving.

To transform Bahnar brocade in line with modern development trends requires not only the efforts of the project team but also the support of local authorities at all levels.

The most important participant remains the Bahnar ethnic minority community, who need to uphold their responsibility to preserve and promote their traditions. (VietnamPlus)