"Blue Swallows 2019" Program

Organized in Vietnam for the first time in 2017, “Blue Swallows” is the first official program of Vietnam to promote business spirits and initiatives in order to tackle social and environmental issues, was successfully and outstandingly recognized. The process of approaching public is positively changing. In the past, the notions of doing business for social goods, doing business to undertake social and environmental issues received doubt and uncertainty. Now, the concepts of social enterprises, social initiatives and business initiative for a humane, sustainable community are being well disseminated and strongly appealed, especially in younger generations.

This year, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Vietnam Union of Science and Technology (VUSTA), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Center for Social Initiative Promotion (CSIP) organize the “Blue Swallows 2019” Program, with the aim of seeking and supporting business initiatives that are resolving urgent threats in 5 topics: Agriculture, Travel, Environment and Climate Change, Women’s Empowerment, Inclusive business. Apart from widely connecting and branding their sustainable business models to the public, all engaged enterprises, organizations and individuals have the opportunities to access and receive valuable support from financial funds, counselling experts, broadcasting media as well as partners of “Blue Swallows” program.

The Organizing Committee would like to invite enterprises, organizations and individuals to register and engage in the “Blue Swallows 2019” Program. Attached are detailed information and registration instructions.

For further information, please access to: http://enxanh.org.vn/

For other support, please contact us via: