Call for Proposals on Access to Information and Media Capacity Building in Vietnam for Financial Year 17/18

The British Embassy is pleased to announce a call for project proposals focussing on two themes: access to information and the media environment, for financial year 2017/18.

Theme 1: Access to Information (up to £25,000)


Increased level of government transparency in Vietnam through the successful implementation of the new Law on Access to Information. Citizens, media and civil society are incrementally better able to scrutinise policy.


We would welcome interested parties to submit their proposals to support the implementation of the 2016 Law on Access to Information which will come into force in July 2018. Proposals should focus on how to ensure that the law is implemented in a way that promotes greater government transparency. This could include working with civil society organisations or journalists to explore how they can most effectively use the Law to support their work.

Theme 2: Media Environment (up to £25,000)


Improved capacity and environment for journalists to carry out their role in promoting greater accountability and transparency more effectively)


The UK Government believes that a vibrant and dynamic media environment should be an important part of all societies. It has a key role to play in promoting greater transparency and holding government officials to account. At the same time journalists have a responsibility to adhere to high ethical standards in their work. The British Embassy would like to work with partners in government, civil society or the media to improve the environment for Vietnamese journalists.

Bidding information:

Potential bidders should show evidence of positive engagement with relevant Vietnamese Ministries or agencies. You are also encouraged to contact the British Embassy to discuss your proposal before submitting it to ensure it meets the UK’s strategic priorities. For any inquiries, please contact Mrs Hoang Hong Hanh, [email protected] who will direct you to the relevant political officer.

The total funding available for each theme is £25,000. If you are able to develop a bid that meets both strategic outcomes you are welcome to submit a single bid of up to £50,000. Project activities should be ready to start from July 2017, or as soon thereafter as the grant contract has been signed. The activities should end by January 2018 at the latest. At least 85% of project budget must be spent by 15 Dec 2017. You are invited to fill in the Project Proposal Form. A full breakdown of costs in an Activity based budget must also be submitted with all proposals and following the expenditure rules set out in UN-EU cost norm 2015. Proposals with a value of less than £5,000 are not eligible. Bids should be submitted by email to: Ms Hoang Hong Hanh - Programmes and Projects Coordinator at [email protected] by 31 May 2017 at the latest.

Bid result will be notified during the week commencing 12 June 2017.

If successful bidder is government, not for profit organisation, NGOs and civil society, we will sign a standard grant contract. For businesses, this might be in the form of commercial contract. The clauses in the commercial contract and grant contract are by default, not negotiable and exceptions are seldom approved. Sample contracts are for your reference. Please ensure that you read and are happy with their terms before applying for funds.

Please find related forms and documents below.


Project Proposal Form (PDF, 86KB, 9 pages)
Activity Based Budget (PDF, 52.1KB, 1 page)
Guidance for Implementers (PDF, 26.4KB, 2 pages)
EU Cost Norm 2015 (PDF, 5.47MB, 23 pages)
Grant Contract (PDF, 108KB, 15 pages)
Commercial Contract (PDF, 210KB, 11 pages)