CCWG training workshop on Gender mainstreaming in CCA design

From 1st - 3rd July, 2015 in cooperation with Vietnam Forest & Delta Program, the Climate Change Working Group has successfully organized a training course on gender mainstreaming in climate change adaptation design.

It was such a very interesting training touching one of the hottest topic in climate change - gender mainstreaming in CCA with a huge number of enrollment both from INGO, VNGO (Oxfam, CARE, Red Cross, SRD, MCD, RECOFTC, Live&Learn, CRS, CISDOMA, COHED, etc), and other stakeholders like Government officials (DMC) and donors, UN agencies (Irish Aid, UNWomen, BTC). Particularly, a representative from Climate Action Network South Asia Mrs. Vositha - Regional Facilitator of Southern Voices program also attended and contributed actively during the workshop.

The training provided updated and fruitful information from basic gender concept, tools, approaches to the nexus between climate change and gender, gender mainstreaming in CCA policies & practices together with strategic actions & tools to integrate gender perspectives into CCA design.

It was also a very good opportunities for sharing and learning practical knowledge & experiences at ground level of participants and alos recognizing challenges & successful factors of those case studies.