Famous Ethnic Festivals in Vietnam North to Be Held for Preservation

Some of the most famous ethnic festivals in the North will be held this year, aiming to preserve traditional and cultural values of these unique events.

Deputy minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Trinh Thi Thuy has signed a decision on organizing activities to preserve and promote those ethnic festivals.

The Department of Ethnic Culture will co-operate with the Culture Departments of Ha Giang, Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa, and Lao Cai provinces and other agencies to organize the festivals by the end of this year.

The program aims to create a strong change in public awareness of preservation and promotion of traditional and cultural values of ethnic minorities in a bid to evoke pride and strengthen the solidarity of the communities.

The organization of the festivals will also help to preserve and promote cultural identities, as well as to create new tourist products.

The expense for the festival organization is from the central government's budget for the national program on socio-economic development in ethnic and mountainous areas in the 2021-25 period.

In Sa Pa Town in Lao Cai Province, there will be a festival dedicating to the Tet Com Moi (New Rice Festival) of the Giay ethnic group. The event will be conducted by five ethnic artisans and dozens of other Giay people living in Ta Van Commune.

In Thanh Haa Province’s Ngoc Lac District, there will be preservative activities dedicating to the Muong Lap and Muong Don festivals of Muong ethnic group living in Thach Thanh District.

The Fre-Jumping Festival of the Pa Then ethnic people will be replicated in Quang Binh District in Ha Giang Province.

In Thanh Son Distritc, Phu Tho Province, there will be rituals of the New Rice Festival of the Muong group.

At all the localities, each events will be conducted by ethnic artisans and people from local ethnic groups.

The organizers will conduct surveys and research and at the same time to collect all information and documents about these festivals to propose solutions to preserve and promote the events.

They will also arrange the teaching and guiding of the practice of rituals and traditional games of these festivals. (VietnamNews)