Genes of Vietnam’s Kinh Ethnic Not Change Much for 3,000 Years

The genes of Vietnam’s Kinh ethnic people have not changed much since 3,000 years ago, according to an analysis on diversity of Vietnamese people by Professor Nong Van Hai from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. The analysis also showed that ancient Kinh people stayed in the Red River Delta at 2,500 years-3,000 years ago, or the Dong Son era, which could prove archeologists’ theory of Bach Viet (Bai Yue) people. Besides, the analysis showed that Vietnam’s diversity in language is not correlated to diversity in gene. Such results are from Professor Hai’s project, which featured cooperation with scientists from Germany, France, and the United States. The project analyzed genes of 600 people from 17 ethnics with five languages of Austro-Asitic, Tai-Kadai, Hmong-Mien, Austronesian, and Sino-Tebetan. (VnExpress, VnExpress, Thanh Nien, Viet Times, Giao Duc Thoi Dai)