Joint Principles for Adaptation now on UNFCCC website as submission through CARE

In connection with the recent UNFCCC Bonn session, Southern Voices on Adaptation were invited from the UNFCCC to make submission on our new Joint Principles for Adaptation. through for the SBI session on National Adaptation Plans.


Please find here the submission on the UNFCCC website:
(find easily by page-search for “joint principles”) – and a direct link to the pdf:



This is an important added outcome from the workshop in Kathmandu, jointly organized between Southern Voices and CANSA, where we had Paul Desanker (head of NAPs in the UNFCCC secretariat) participate on the second day – invited by CANSA.


The submission was drafted SVA regional facilitator Vositha Wijenayake from CANSA and myself from SV-Secretariat, with valuable input from Sven Harmeling, Advocacy Coordinator on CC in CAREs PECCN network.


The submission was uploaded quite late in the process, and has probably not influenced talks much, but it is valuable to have at the UNFCCC page, as a point of reference in talks with negotiators, government officials and others, on the Joint Principles,