Kien Giang Enhances Int’l Cooperation for Ethnic Groups’ Sustainable Development

The Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang has carried out a project aiming to bolster international cooperation for socio-economic development of ethnic groups in tandem with a decision of the prime minister. In the 2013-2020 period, the province successfully called on nearly 50 foreign organizations and individuals as well as domestic charity organizations to build rural infrastructure for ethnic minority people. Some VND54.4 billion ($2.35 million) was disbursed out of the total of VND88.6 billion, equivalent to 64.42%. The province has rolled out 105 programs and projects in the fields of poverty alleviation and social welfare; vocational training, capacity enhancement and job creation; healthcare; agriculture and rural development; natural resources and environment; and climate change adaptation. The rate of poor households among ethnic groups in Kien Giang was reduced to about 4.7%. The province is now home to approximately 66,520 ethnic families of more than 280,250 residents, accounting for 15.48% of its population. Most of them earn a living through agricultural production, trade, services and industry. Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Lam Minh Thanh said Kien Giang will further bolster international cooperation for socio-economic development of ethnic minority groups for the 2021-25 and devise mobilization plans on investment promotions across various spheres. It will also call for sponsorship in local ethnic minority groups’ cultural conservation and development. (Vietnam Plus)