Master Programmes in Development Studies (Several scholarships are available)

Master programmes in Development Studies

Poverty, climate change, conflict, good governance, sustainable development, ...

Passionate about the major challenges the world is facing?

Study at IOB!

The Institute of Development Policy (IOB)

  •     part of the University of Antwerp (Belgium)
  •     located in the very heart of Europe
  •     several decades of experience in international education
  •     development studies

IOB currently offers three one-year Master programmes in Development Studies:

  1.     Master in Globalisation and Development
  2.     Master in Development Evaluation and Management
  3.     Master in Governance and Development

Every year, the Institute is home to some 100 students of more than thirty different nationalities and from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. This creates an extraordinary multicultural and multidisciplinary learning environment.

With backgrounds in economics, politics and other social sciences, IOB staff bring a multidisciplinary perspective to their teaching, research and policy advisory work.

Application and admission