MCC is Looking for Vietnamese Host Families for the Exchange Program

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is looking for two Vietnamese families who are willing to host a young adult from another country. One of MCC’s goals as an organization is peacebuilding, and we believe that one way that happens is through building relationships with people from other cultures.  Every year, MCC helps about 130 young adults from around the world to live, volunteer and learn in a culture different from their own.  In Vietnam this year, there are 4 young adults (2 from the U.S., 1 from Canada, and 1 from India) who are here to volunteer some of their skills while opening themselves to learning about Viet Nam and Vietnamese culture/language for one year. We are still looking for families to host:

1) A young man from the U.S. who is volunteering as an English editor at a publishing house in downtown Hanoi (now through July 2016).
2) A young man from India, who is a professional nurse and is volunteering helping people affected by Agent Orange in west/northwest Hanoi (now through December 2015/January2016).

What is needed from a host family:

* a room and bed for the participant to use; access to a bathroom
* breakfast and dinner for the participant, in whatever style is normal for the family (i.e. If the family eats breakfast out, help the participant to learn places to buy breakfast. If the family eats dinner together, welcome the participant to eat with your family.)
* willingness to patiently teach the participant about Vietnamese culture, customs and language

What is provided to the host family from MCC:

* optional monthly stipend to help cover the costs of having an additional person in your home (i.e. extra food, water, electricity, etc.)
* support in navigating cross-cultural communication
* the participant will respect the family’s expectations of curfew, room tidiness, and helping with household tasks like other family members

What is NOT necessary:
AC, English language skills, special food/meals different from what you usually eat

How to contact us:

If you are interested in this program, please contact us at:
Tel:  (844) 38 35 32 34
Fax: (844) 37 75 38 13
Cell: (844) 967 996 498
Email: [email protected]