NEWSLETTER 15 - 29 February 2012

Dear Members and Friends:

Welcome to the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre Newsletter for 15 - 29 February, 2012.

We would like to announce that Mr Philippe Martinez has been appointed Country Director of all Handicap International Federation programmes in Vietnam. This appointment was made by the Headquarters of Handicap International Federation, which was born in September 2009 by integration of seven sections of Handicap International in the USA, Germany, Canada, the UK, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. The process was completed when Handicap International Belgium entered the federation in January 2012. Handicap International Federation in Vietnam would like to express their sincere thanks to all partners for their kind support during this process. They look forward to continuing excellent collaboration and development efforts in Vietnam.

There are three Working Groups meetings scheduled for the second half of February 2012: the Landmines Working Group on 16 February at 14:00; the Disaster Management Working Group on 17 February at 14:00 and the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management Working Group on 24 February at 09:00. All meetings will take place at the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre. Please check the 'Calendar of Events' section on our home page for the latest updates and possible changes.

Warm greetings from the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre's Team!