One-ton Bomb Found in Garden in Vietnam Central Province

A huge unexploded bomb was found buried in a garden about two meters deep in the north-central Vietnamese province of Nghe An on March 4. The ordnance was uncovered by people digging in the garden of Nguyen Van Phanh in a village in Huu Kiem Commune, Ky Son District, according to the local military unit. The unexploded device, weighing some 1.3 metric tons, measures 2.5 meters in length and 0.6 meters in diameter. Military officers have cleared the bomb and taken it to a special zone for disposal. Discoveries of unexploded ordnance are not unheard of in Nghe An, but this is the biggest bomb ever unearthed in the province. In late 2018, a 300kg bomb was also found when people were dredging a canal in Do Luong District. ( Mar 4)