PACCOM-Invitation to the Conference between Cao Bang province and INGOs - 27 May 2011

To: International NGOs working in Vietnam,

Date: 10th May, 2011

Ref: Invitation to the Conference on Strengthening the Co-operation between Cao Bang province and ING0s.

Dear friends,

In an effort to establish and strengthen friendship and partnership between Cao Bang province and ING0s, promoting INGOs' cooperation in the region, the Committee for Foreign Non — Governmental Organization Affairs (COMINGO) in cooperation with the People's Committee of Cao Bang province will organise a conference entitled "Strengthening the Co-operation between Cao Bang province and INGOs". The event is taking place at the Convention Hall of the Guest House of Cao Bang People's Committee, Cao Bang town, Cao Bang province on May 27th, 2011

We are pleased to invite your representatives to attend this important Conference in which we will have opportunities to:
(1) Review the cooperation between INGOs and Cao Bang province in the 2007-2010 period;
(2) Discuss and provide inputs to a new programme for promoting cooperation with INGOs in Cao Bang province in 2011-2015;
(3) Discuss measures to improve working mechanisms to strengthen the cooperation between 1NGOs and partners in Cao Bang province.

Please see Agenda for more information

We hope that the Conference will be a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge relevant to poverty alleviation and sustainable development in the province.

In terms of logistics, the Organizing Committee will arrange transportation from Hanoi to Cao Bang and vice versa and cover food and accommodation for participants during the Conference.
Please confirm your attendance and pick — up details through PACCOM (Ms. Tran Bich Ngoc, Tel: 04-38436936 - Ext. 106; Mobile: 0947457645, Fax: 04-38452007, Email: [email protected]).

Your participation would be highly appreciated!

Yours sincerely,
PP. Chairman of COMINGO


Don Tuan Phong
Director General, PACCOM.