TFCFVN's notification of personnel change

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families would like to inform about the change of their organization representative, Ms. Emi Losing - Viet Nam Office Director, from the end of September 2023.

This position will be filled by Ms. Jacoby (Chinese name is Huang Ya Ke) who previously took the position of Project Manager at TFCF Viet Nam. TFCF has confidence that Ms. Jacoby will take on her new role and duties with the same professionalism that have been shown until now.

If you have any inquiries regarding this, please feel free to contact their focal contact project officer or:  

Hanoi office phone: 039-775-3211
Ho Chi Minh office phone: 028-7303-2332

TFCF looks forward to your continuity in support, cooperation and collaboration in the coming time.