UNESCO to Help Vietnam Improve Education to Ethnic Minority Kids: Official

The UNESCO, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), and South Korea’s CJ Group have completed the survey for “We are able” initiative on education for children of ethnic minority and they decided to conduct the program in three provinces of Ha Giang, Soc Trang, and Ninh Thuan. UNESCO Chief Representative in Vietnam Michael Croft made the statement at an interview with the local newspaper Giao Duc & Thoi Dai (Education & Times), the mouthpiece of the MoET. Mr. Croft added that the initiative will focus on mindset of women and girls (their study motivation and purposes), school safety (prevention of violence and abuse), and career paths for women and girls. The UNESCO representative also listed problems of education for children of ethnic minority, including harsh conditions to travel to schools and mindset of early employment (mostly selling souvenirs at tourist locations). He also listed distance/ mobile learning as a method for the trouble. (Giao Duc Thoi Dai, Giao Duc Thoi Dai)