Vietnam’s Health Ministry Releases 5T Message for New Anti-COVID-19 Period

In addition to the 5K message, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has released a 5T message and promotes anti-COVID-19 measures, state media reported. Specifically, 5T message includes strictly follow 5K (Tuan thu 5K); testing COVID-19 for all people (Test COVID tat ca); vaccination within wards and communes (Tiem chung tai phuong, xa); providing adequate food and necessities so people can stay at home (Thuc pham du tai nha); providing medicine bags and utilizing mobile medical stations at grassroots level to help COVID-19 patients at home (Thay thuoc den tan gia). Previously, MoH’s 5K message has been successful in preventing previous outbreaks of the pandemic.   (Vietnam Plus)