Vietnam’s Telecom Giant FPT Launches App Extracting Data from Photos

FPT Smart Cloud, under FPT Corporation (HOSE: FPT) - Vietnam’s biggest telecommunications and technology company by market value, has launched FPT.AI Reader app, which detects and extracts data from photos with an accuracy of up to 98%, local media said. This is the first and only app in Vietnam so far that provides an interactive interface to end-users and can extract data from photos of available document forms in various fields or any customized documents. FPT.AI Reader also offers users a library of over 30 common document forms, and users can create their own documents specialized in each field. Currently, FPT has been successful in introducing the app to many customers in the domestic market and in Southeast Asia, in multiple fields including finance-banking, retails, and passenger transport. A firm in the transport sector has used the app to extract the information of over 2.8 million customers from eight countries. (Sai Gon Giai Phong,,