Vietnam Agency Warns of Food Products with Banned Substances

The Vietnam Food Administration (VFA), under the Ministry of Health, has warned consumers against using five food products with banned substances, state media reported. The administration made the move after receiving warnings from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and Brunei’s Ministry of Health on the issue. The five products are Al-Ambiak Cafe Natural Herbs Coffee, Kopi Jantan Ali Macca, Berry Jaga Chewable candy, Shen Qi Dan Bai Nian Cao Ya, and Freaky Fitz Passion Lemon Tea with Guarana Powder and Hoodia Gordonii Extract. The administration, after reviewing, affirmed that such products have not yet announced for import to Vietnam since September 2014. The agency asked consumers to report to competent agencies if detecting any sales of such items. (HaiQuan, Thoi Bao Tai Chinh Vietnam, Hanoi Moi, suckhoedoisong, vfa)