Vietnam Creates Satellite Signal Mobile Receiver First time ever

The Key Laboratory for Micro-Nanotechnology (Micro-Nano Lab), under the Vietnam National University-Hanoi, has successfully created the satellite signal mobile receiver for the first time, state media reported. The device is a mobile station connecting to the signal of satellites and not limited to signal transmission. Compared with fixed stations, the system is as cheap as one-fifth of imported equipment as well as can support the information and communications of sea boats. It was implemented in 2010 and piloted in 2019. Mr. Ho Anh Tam, a member of the Micro-Nano Lab, said that the device is ready to be transferred to domestic agencies. He also added that the lab will coordinate with the Ministry of National Defense to upgrade some features to serve military ships in the storm and rescue zone. (VnExpress, Bao Chinh Phu, VnExpress, Bao Dan Sinh)