Vietnam Danang Aims to Develop 300 Electric Car Charging Stations by 2030

The People’s Committee in Vietnam’s central city of Danang has set a target of developing 300 charging stations for electric cars by 2030, as part of the scheme to encourage the development of electric automobiles, state media reported. The scheme aims to promote the use of clean energy and environmental protection. By 2025, the city will strive to build 165 electric car charging stations. Besides, Danang City is planning to switch from using gasoline-powered buses for public transportation to the use of electric buses. It will also propose the interest rate support for projects, which use or produce clean technology, clean energy, and renewable energy. (Bao Chinh Phu, Bao Chinh Phu, Cong Thuong, Lao Dong, Nha Dau Tu, tietkiemnangluong.evn)