Vietnam Health Ministry Builds 3 Scenarios to Cope with Monkeypox

The Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MoH) has built three scenarios to cope with monkeypox as 80 countries recorded 23,620 monkeypox infections as of August 1, local media reported.

In the first scenario, no monkeypox cases are reported in Vietnam. Local health authorities must prepare isolation areas, medical equipment, and human resources for coping with the disease.

In the second scenario, some monkeypox cases are registered in Vietnam. Local health authorities will arrange isolation areas for patients and hold training courses for medical workers to treat monkeypox cases and control infection.

In the third scenario, monkeypox spread to the community. Local health authorities must expand quarantining areas and consider self-isolation, send mobile emergency teams to support lower-level health facilities.

Earlier at a conference to update treatments for monkeypox and type A influenza, Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son highlighted the importance of the preparation works for dealing with monkeypox. As of August 2, Vietnam has yet to record any monkeypox cases.  (VnEconomy, NLD, VOV, BNews)